A revolutionary beauty product that has won the hearts of many women around the world? It’s eyebrow mascara! If you thought that mascara was just a product for highlighting eyelashes, you were wrong. It turns out that brow mascara is a great idea to improve the appearance of your eyebrows quickly and easily. Check out the ranking of the most recommended eyebrow mascaras and enjoy your phenomenal brow look for any occasion!

Eyebrow mascara – what is it?

Brow mascara is a special product designed to give your eyebrows a beautiful and natural look. Often, we tend to neglect styling our eyebrows and this is a big mistake! Eyebrows play a huge role in the appearance of the entire face. Well-defined eyebrows bring out the eyes and add character to the whole face.

Eyebrow mascara – is it worth trying?

Brow mascara helps fill in the gaps and sparse areas in the eyebrows. Whether your eyebrows are naturally thin or you just want to add some extra volume, a good brow mascara is a great solution. Thanks to its formula, a good brow mascara should be able to coat all brow hairs evenly, adding definition and enhancing their shape.

Is eyebrow mascara a hit?

Eyebrow mascara has undoubtedly trending recently in the beauty world. More and more beauty brands are launching a variety of eyebrow mascaras that allow you to create the perfect brow look for any occasion. You can choose from a variety of shades to match the color of your eyebrows and skin tone.

Eyebrow mascara – who is it for?

Eyebrow mascara is suitable for any type of eyebrows. Whether you have thin, thick, fair, or dark eyebrows, a good brow mascara should improve their look greatly. You can use brow mascara to lift the brows visually, define their shape, or give them a thicker look. It all depends on your individual style!

Eyebrow mascara – how to use it?

Eyebrow mascara is easy to use. Just take out the mascara wand and brush through your eyebrows with short motions, following the direction of hair growth. You will quickly camouflage any gaps and defects and create the brow shape you want. The effect is visible immediately and your eyebrows gain extraordinary definition.


1# Nanobrow Shape Mascara

 brow mascara benefits

This brow-thickening mascara is available at www.nanobrow.co.uk, online, and in regular beauty stores. The recommended Nanobrow brow mascara is a popular choice among female consumers. It comes with a convenient brush that makes it easy to style, fix, and give your eyebrows the desired shape for the day. With this professional eyebrow-styling mascara, you can easily build up the coverage to get the effect of visually thicker and brushed-up eyebrows for any occasion. Its formula is clump-free and it does not leave behind any residue! It works well on both thin and thick eyebrows. Eyebrow makeup has never been so easy!

2# Dior Diorshow On Set Brow

This waterproof brow mascara is available both online and in-store. It adds volume to the brows, defines them, and fixes their shape, without the stiff finish. It’s a recommended eyebrow mascara that receives good reviews from users. It consists mostly of naturally derived ingredients. This durable eyebrow mascara will work mainly for daytime makeup, as it may be too weak for a big night out though. It gives a natural finish in a no-makeup style.  

3# YSL Couture Brow Mascara

This recommended brow mascara is available online and in local beauty stores. It was created to quickly style your brows for the day. It will work well for special occasions where durability and precision are important. Unfortunately, customers complain about the brush being too small and claim it’s easy to scoop too much product with it. It’s a long-lasting brow mascara that is extremely difficult to remove, so you must know it’s not easy to wash off if things go wrong. The gel eyebrow mascara requires practice in the application, so if this is the first product of this kind in your hands, you need to be patient.

4# Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Mini

This tinted brow mascara can be found online and in-store. Choose the one in a mini version that can fit into any purse. This tinted eyebrow mascara will work mainly on sparse eyebrows that lack volume and definition. Special microfibers cling tightly to the skin and brow hairs, giving a long-lasting effect for any occasion. Unfortunately, this waterproof brow mascara may not work well for beginners. It’s easy to scoop too much product onto the brush and create a fake-looking effect that doesn’t look stylish at all. This popular eyebrow mascara may additionally glue brow hairs together and settle on them in excess.

5# Lord & Berry Must Have Tinted Brow Mascara

This recommended brow mascara adds volume to the brows. It is mainly available at online drugstores. This good brow mascara camouflages gaps and sparse areas with a nice, neutral color that can match anyone. It comes with a mini brush, which may not appeal to everyone. It’s easy to overdo it and get too much product on the brows making them look grotesque. It is a long-wear eyebrow mascara, so it may be difficult to remove. It will work well for experienced users, as it may be difficult to apply. The quick-drying formula makes it impossible to do touch-ups.

Eyebrow makeup with mascara step-by-step

How to define eyebrows with brow mascara? This is a simple way to emphasize the shape of your eyebrows and bring out your features.

  1. Before you start styling your eyebrows with a brow mascara, choose a shade that matches the color of your eyebrows. If in doubt, start with a lighter shade and gradually build up the coverage.
  2. Fill in the gaps between brow hairs. Gently apply the eyebrow mascara with short motions that resemble natural eyebrow hairs. Remember not to overdo it and subtly build up the row shape to avoid the overdrawn effect.
  3. If your eyebrows still don’t look the way you’d like, you can now fix their shape a bit. Use a brow brush to carefully fill in the areas that need extra definition. Remember that precision is the key to natural-looking eyebrows.
  4. After applying eyebrow mascara, brush through your brows with a spoolie to distribute the product evenly. If you want to make sure your eyebrow makeup won’t wear off, use a transparent fixing gel.

As you can see, styling eyebrows with brow mascara is not difficult at all! It requires a little skill and precision, but after just a few attempts you won’t have any problems. Use the ranking of the best brow mascaras and choose the one that suits your needs best.