Lots of myths have arisen around the eyelash extensions. The fans of the treatment and beauticians do their best to convince us about its benefits whereas the opponents colour the reality to prove them wrong. Where lies the truth?

Should we really be afraid of eyelash extension effects? As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It can’t be denied that we’d rather not have to apply falsies. On the other hand… is there a woman who doesn’t dream of beautiful lashes defining her eyes? I guess, there isn’t. For all of you who hesitate – eyelash extensions’ facts and myths.

MYTH. Eyelash extension is painful.

Absolutely not. Eyelash extension isn’t a painful treatment, no matter the method. It involves applying falsies to the natural lashes. There’s no pain involved. There’s just a feeling of discomfort due to spending a few hours without moving and with the eyes that are secured with special pads.

TRUTH. Not every woman can wear eyelash extensions.

Eyelash clusters are available in many versions. Their thickness, length and curl are different to adapt them to the natural lashes. In this way, eyelash extensions are suitable for nearly everyone. Sadly, there are some contraindications – inflammation around the eyes, dry eye syndrome, chemotherapy, infections, glaucoma. Applying falsies is impossible in case of lack of lashes because the fake eyelashes must be attached to the natural ones.

MYTH. False lashes are uncomfortable.

At the beginning, you can feel some discomfort because falsies overburden the eyelids. It’s not so bothersome, though. You may feel like you’re not wearing the extensions after a few hours.

HALF-TRUTH. Extensions destroy the natural eyelashes.

We should devote some thoughts to the harmfulness of eyelash extensions. Why is it a half-truth? It can be compared to brow plucking – theoretically, the brows grow back but they’re weaker after every shaping routine. You should know that applying fake lashes isn’t harmful provided you don’t exaggerate. Wearing extensions too often is a quick road leading you to a poorer condition, lash breakage and falling out in excess. That’s why finding an alternative makes sense.


No matter if extensions are really going to damage our lashes or not, going for a safer solution pays off. A well-composed serum is able to stimulate faster lash growth, nourish, darken and thicken them for the mind-blowing eyelashes without a mascara. Check out the best eyelash serums – test them and see the effects for yourself.