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The lifting effect is possible not only in antiaging face care! Our hair roots can be lifted for a volume boost. To make it possible, we need to know what’s essential to keep the hair fluffy and full of life. When we want volume, we need the right haircut plus proper hair care and styling products. A hair volume enhancer from Nanoil comes useful for sure.

Hairdresser’s tricks for more volume

First, go to the hairdresser’s. Your problem with lacking volume may be caused by thin or thick hair. A trusted stylist will choose the best haircut for your hair type and texture. Fine hair can be fixed easily because it’s light and creating more volume doesn’t cause much trouble. You can go for one of the hottest styles – bob. There are so many versions of it that you’ll pick the right one for sure. Getting more volume with a gentle permanent wave or headlines is another idea you can try. It should leave you with curls or soft waves making the hair look denser. The third remedy involves getting a dimensional hair color – there must be subtle contrast between light and dark tones so the hair looks natural and sun-kissed.

When it comes to thick hair, it’s too heavy to have volume, especially if it’s long, falling on the shoulders and clinging to the scalp. If you love your long tresses, then layering is the only remedy. We suggest getting it done by a hairdresser who’s already worked on your hair to make sure it’s done right.

How to style hair which has no volume?

Before you start creating volume in your flat hair, you need to prime it right. If it’s prone to oil build-up, you must immediately ditch all aggressive shampoos and products with oils and silicones which build up on the hair quickly, worsening the problem. It’s good to use a scalp scrub from time to time to clear the scalp and hair. After shampooing twice and rinsing the lather well, move on to conditioning using light products. Avoid heavy, creamy masks and leave-ins – they’re often responsible for taking hair volume away.

Above all else, flat hair needs propping up at the roots, and it can be done with the fingers or a dryer and diffuser. Naturally, always choose the proper temperature while blow-drying – overheating is never good. You can also try rollers, for example wide hook-and-loop rollers, or use a crimper.

hair volume spray nanoil

Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer – volume-making expert

To make all the styling tricks produce the most stunning and longest-lasting effect we need a volume expert – Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer.

Nanoil’s volume-boosting spray is good for all hair types. It guarantees fluffy hair thanks to the richness of active substances which help beautify as well as improve the condition of hair.

Key ingredients in Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer:

  • Wheat Proteins – they have a strengthening effect leaving the hair more resilient, manageable and resistant to frizz or static; they also repair damaged hair structure so the hair has shine and is ‘lifted’ from the scalp. The proteins get to the hair root to hold water there.
  • Keratin – a natural ingredient which builds our hair, thickens it and makes it look its best. Keratin forms a protective filter and fixes damage, plus prevents loss of water.
  • Panthenol – it smooths frizzy hair, delivers gloss and thickens the hair shaft.
  • Polyquaternium-70 – it also creates a protective barrier on hair, plus eases detangling and gives healthy shine.

Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer – Volume BOOST

This spray has a great benefit because the effects are visible right off – hair looks fuller, as if there was more of it, it’s easier to style, shinier, healthier-looking. The product acts like an umbrella which shields from the sun, frost or humidity. A small amount is enough to lift the roots for long-lasting volume without overburdening. That’s why it protects, nourishes, and styles the thinnest hair but also thick and heavy strands which tend to get flat.

Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer in a nutshell:

  • More voluminous hair – instantly
  • Lifted hair roots
  • Thicker hair
  • Fuller-looking hair
  • Easier styling and combing
  • Boosting shine and nourishing while styling

Buying Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer with home delivery straight from is the most convenient, and you have a chance to check out Nanoil’s other natural beauty products.