You have no idea how sensitive your skin is. It reacts to every weather change, pollution, the sun, food you ingest and all your emotions. The effects of these factors are visible in form of allergic reactions and irritations. If you want to avoid such unwanted surprises, meet skin reactions to external factors.

Lack of skin care

If you think that skin can take care of itself, you are mistaken. You have to help it at least a little bit. Use cosmetics that match skin needs and type. If you will not do it, you can end up with a messy condition. Acne, allergy, dry skin patches, dull skin are just to begin with. To the more serious conditions belong scabies, staphylococcus, mycosis and much more, you have never known exist. Skin diseases caused by lack of hygiene trigger numerous consequences. It can lead to mental disorder, dangerous complications and even internal organs diseases.

Lack of solar protection

The sun, in spite of its life-giving properties, can also seriously damage the epidermis. Bad for skin is UVB, UVA and IR radiation. If you spend a lot of time in the sun and use little to no protection in form of sun filters, then the consequences of this behaviour will be bad. Wrinkles, red skin, skin burns, pigmentation, blisters filled with serous fluid and in the extreme cases skin cancer, also known as melanoma.


What’s really curious, work can also contribute to damages and skin diseases. Work in front of the computer, in the rooms with air conditioning and artificial light, leads to dark circles and bags under eyes or loss of natural and healthy skin colour. In the group of people who are subjected to skin damages are also people who work physically. Scrapes, wounds and bruising happen pretty often to them. What is more, skin contact with all sorts of substances (whitewash, pesticide) can also have unfavourable results.

Environmental influence

Smog, heavy metals in the air, fumes and many other factors from the environment have a negative impact on your skin. There are to appear irritations, allergic reactions, skin is more subjected to damages and diseases. The skin condition can worsen also due to sudden temperature changes, freezing wind, the sun. Atmospheric factors have a more harmful impact on skin than you ever thought.