Our health is reflected in the condition of hair, nails and lashes as in a mirror. Even the slightest weakness of our body is visible and when being on a rigorous diet our lashes can fall out even more. How to prevent this?

Eyelash loss is not a problem as long as it stays within the norm. If we supply all the necessary nutrients to the body and limit everything that could adversely affect the condition of our eyelashes – they should be healthy, strong and flexible. However, they require special care when we notice that we lose up to a dozen lashes a day.

The influence of a diet on eyelashes 

The question arises whether weight loss can have a negative effect on the condition of eyelashes. Women often notice that problems such as brittleness, thinning and excessive eyelash loss occurs when being on a strict diet. For some, this is an imperceptible problem, while for others, it makes everyday makeup more difficult.

Eyelashes become weak due to the deficiency of essential nutrients. Things might get even worse if the diet is very strict and we supply our body with fewer valuable substances, which may not be enough to nourish lashes. Bear in mind that lashes suffer as well. The key to success in terms of weight loss and maintaining good health is to provide a balanced amount of essential nutrients every day.

For lashes, the most important are:

• vitamin B complex (especially B5 and B6),
• antioxidants – vitamin E,
• omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids,
• mineral components: zinc, iron, silicon.

All of those ingredients can be found in food and they should be included in every eating style. But that’s not the only thing you can do. Eyelashes cannot be strengthened if we focus solely on providing nutrients from the inside. Proper lash care is also significant.

Eyelash care

The best solution is to use an eyelash serum that works comprehensively and in depth. Especially when we are on a diet and our eyelashes may be weakened, it is necessary to regularly apply eyelash serums enriched with the best nutrients and growth stimulating substances. The use of such a product is not difficult and does not take much time, so you should definitely consider this option. The effects can surprise us – longer, thicker, denser and more elastic eyelashes. The first step is to choose the best serum that will work on eyelash roots and regenerate them from within.