Oiling is a hair care method which is known and liked by women all over the world. Naturalness and effectiveness are two main assets of the technique. If you want to make use of the hair oil benefits, you must know the most effective oiling methods.

It’s hardly possible to count all oiling methods. There are so many of them. Our creativity is the limit. You can apply oils with other products or nutrients, to wet or dry hair, before or after washing. Nearly every natural oil can be applied to the scalp and hair or to a chosen part e.g. exclusively to hair tips. What’s more, the oil you use may have a room temp, it can be heated up or warmed while oiling (hair sauna).

How not to go crazy? Here are a few most popular hair oiling methods that you can modify and adapt to your needs. They make up a great base.

1. Dry Hair Oil Treatment – you spread a chosen oil onto the hair throughout its length with your hands, before washing or after washing and blow-drying. This method is quick, easy and you can clearly see where the oil has been applied and where it hasn’t.

2. Wet Hair Oil Treatment – you apply a chosen oil to damp (not wet) hair or the part of hair. Do it after washing and towel-drying or simply wet the hair before the treatment. Water doesn’t just make the application of thicker oils easier but also allows oils to penetrate the hair easily and deeply.

3. Hot Oil Hair Treatment – you slightly heat an oil or a blend of natural oils up e.g. in the water bath. Next, massage it into the scalp and strands. You must be careful with the temperature to avoid burning yourself. A hot oil ensures a much better absorption and intensive effects.

4. Oiling in a bowl – you pour a few drops of a favorite oil or oils into a bowl that’s filled with warm water. Soak your hair in for several mins. Even though this time-consuming technique isn’t popular among women, it’s said to ‘hug’ every strand.

5. Oiling with a conditioner – it’s a modification of the wet hair oil treatment. This technique involves applying a chosen oil to hair that’s covered with a conditioner or balm. After several minutes, you wash both products off.

6. Overnight oiling – the main difference lies in the time you leave the oil in. A chosen oil is applied to hair. You secure the hair with a shower cap and let the oil sit in throughout the night.