Eyelash serums that are responsible for increasing lash growth are already on the list of the best-selling skincare cosmetics. They have enormous potential, which can be used in 100% only if we only know how to make the best of them. 

Before we start applying eyelash serum for the first time, we should learn how to use this type of product. Not only the method of application is important, but also the frequency and time of day. The correct use of eyelash serum is the key step to ensure the best results of the lash growth-enhancing treatment.

The use of lash serums 

When deciding on a few-month treatment with a professional eyelash serum, it is worth reading the leaflet that comes with the package. You will find all the necessary information on how to apply eyelash serum. Mostly the scheme is alike:

1. Remove your makeup thoroughly, degrease, cleanse and towel-dry the skin around the eye.

2. Take out the applicator.

3. Apply it along the upper lash line.

4. Repeat the steps on the lower lashes.

5. Wait a few seconds until the serum is fully absorbed.

Only after the product is fully absorbed, you can apply other cosmetics. Also, do not apply anything to the eyelid before the serum application. Only thoroughly cleansed skin is able to absorb 100% of the product and allow it to reach the bulbs.

What’s more, it is extremely important that you repeat all the steps every day. After about two months, you can use the serum less often, for instance, every two or three days. In this case, it is aimed at maintaining the effects and does not have to provide such intense treatment as in the beginning.

At night or in the morning?

It is a very common question regarding the proper use. Most growth-stimulating products are to be used before bedtime, to give the nutrient enough time for penetrating the inner structures and stimulating the bulbs to grow longer, thicker and stronger lashes. All the regenerating processes in our body take place when we are asleep.

Moreover, bear in mind that using the serum more often than once every evening is pointless, it will not accelerate its work and the effects will not appear faster. However, if we intend to use the serum in the morning (eg, we forgot to do it in the evening), first wash and dry the face. Make sure to always use the eyelash serum first and then all other cosmetics.