The struggle for long and thick eyelashes is well-known to every woman. What happens most often is the lashes are thin and lack volume, plus they also tend to fall out. False strip lashes or long and tedious mascara application are no longer enough. So it’s worth opening up to innovative solutions like the eyelash lift and lamination with the Nanolash Lift Kit.

nanolash lash lift kit

What are the effects of a lash lift and lamination?

Lash lift and lamination may be associated mainly with cosmetic procedures. Face and body lifts are mainly used to stop the passing of time. However, lifting and lamination can also be performed on the eyelashes. This treatment is now offered by many beauty salons.

The eyelash lift method mainly focuses on the use of special products that allow to give the lashes a certain shape. The main effects of this treatment include:

  • lashes lifted from the roots;
  • longer-looking lashes;
  • boosted lash volume;
  • giving the eyelashes a specific curl.

However, nowadays a lash lift can be performed on your own at home. All you need to do is try the Nanolash Lift Kit for at-home lash lift and lamination.

eye lash lift kit

Nanolash Lift Kit – what is the product?

Nanolash Lift Kit is a revolution in styling eyelashes. It is a set designed for professional lash artists and for any woman who dreams of improving the appearance of the eye frame. The kit includes three products – they are meant to be used according to the designated order, as well as the Lash Lift glue, silicone rods, and other necessary accessories. It is worth noting that all the products are very efficient. They come in 0.5 milliliters sachets and you get 10 of them. The glue, on the other hand, comes in a 5-milliliter tube and lasts for a long time.

The package also comes with instructions. By following the manual, each woman can improve the appearance of her eyelashes on her own for up to 8 weeks. Before the application, the eyelashes should be thoroughly cleaned. Then you should:

  • separate the lower lashes from the upper ones and, using the glue, attach the rods in the appropriate size to the eyelid;
  • apply Lift – Step 1 about 1 millimeter from the lash line and keep it on for about 7-10 minutes, then remove it;
  • apply Fix – Step 2 in exactly the same way, also keep it on for about 7-10 minutes and then remove it;
  • apply the Keratin Booster – Step 3 and proceed in the same way.

Then simply remove the rods and enjoy your longer, thicker, and curled lashes.

Is the Nanolash Lift Kit safe?

An at-home lash lift can raise many questions. It is usually recommended that it should be performed by a professional. At the same time, the eyelash lamination kit from Nanolash is safe and easy to use.

Its advantage is that the products are made with natural ingredients. They include, for example:

  • coconut oil;
  • Abyssinian oil;
  • panthenol;
  • avocado oil.

In addition, the formula is enriched with vitamins that deeply nourish the lashes and prevent future damage. You will see a noticeable change in the state and condition of your lashes immediately after the first application. They will look not only longer and thicker but also stronger and glossy.

Eyelash lift and lamination at home – summary

Performing a lash lift with the kit from Nanolash is a piece of cake. Any woman can handle this treatment at home. If you struggle with thin lashes that look dull and are not prone to styling, the Nanolash Lift Kit is made just for them.

In a few minutes and with a little commitment, you can make your eyelashes look phenomenal for 8 weeks. Nanolash Lift Kit is an efficient product. With its help, you can perform 10 lamination treatments. Simple, fast, and fun – lash lift and lamination with this product will give you spectacular results, plus it nourishes the lashes significantly.