Who knows the best tricks for removing dark circles and camouflaging puffiness? Make-up artists, of course! One of them, who earns his living by working with the biggest celebrities, revealed his proven hacks to brighten eye skin and erase puffy eyes.

The problem of nasty dark circles and bags under eyes touches many women. Too little sleep, stress, no time to sit back and unwind – this is what triggers puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Luckily, there is a way to get out of this – only seemingly – hopeless situation. Keep reading to find out what you can do if you too suffer from this skin imperfection.


The best tricks for bags & dark circles under eyes

Gel eye pads are the makeup artists’ secret weapon. The best thing about the pads is that you can grab them any time, even right before doing makeup. It’s a common procedure to apply the eye pads during make-up, and take them off right before putting on a foundation. This way the eye skin gets moisturized, soothed and looks fresh – in other words, it’s ready for make-up. This will also make your eye makeup last longer and prevent smudging.

[HOT TIP] If you are going to have an important meeting the next day, put the gel eye pads in the fridge before going to bed. When cold, they will minimize the appearance of swelling far quicker.


Every makeup artist has at least a few eye concealers in their kit. Truth be told, sometimes it’s awfully hard to get rid of dark circles completely, and therefore a heavier weapon must be reached for. And in this case, a peach color concealer is the heavy weapon you need. Why peach color?

Despite being called dark, circles are actually purple. In order to camouflage cold blue and purple tones, you need to reach for a contrasting color, which in this case is something with warm undertones. Applying a thin layer of peach concealer to the dark circles, you create a nude, natural-looking skin shade. And this is how you minimize the appearance of dark color on your face.

[HOT TIP] If you don’t have a peach or orange concealer, try applying a super sheer layer of a warm-toned lipstick.


Here is another wonderful way to free you from puffiness. Creams, gels and other eye products enriched with caffeine have no equal when it comes to dealing with common eye skin concerns. As you feel better and brighter after drinking a cup of coffee, the same way caffeine affects the eye skin, leaving it brighter and more energetic. This natural chemical boosts circulation, pushing the lymph deposits further, thus de-puffing the eye skin. Just a tiny bit of a caffeine cream of gel is enough to get smoother and brighter skin. The thing is, however, you need to use it a few hours before applying makeup. That’s why introducing this product to the evening skin routine makes sense.

[HOT TIP] If you don’t want to buy another beauty product just to get rid of eye skin concerns, add a few drops of strong coffee to your regular eye cream.