vampire-facelift-effects.jpgThe vampire facelift involves injecting a person’s own blood (to be more precise, the platelet-rich plasma) into the skin in order to fill the wrinkles in. It makes a good alternative to women who are afraid of plastic surgeries. Even though the vampire facial is non-surgical, it entails some risk. What does the procedure look like and who is it designed for? What are the effects and is it safe?

What is the platelet-rich plasma?

The platelet-rich plasma is a blood-derived preparation which is extracted from a patient’s blood. It is rich in cells and factors responsible for growth – peptides which provoke other cells to divide and enable a biological renewal of skin tissues.

Who is the vampire facial dedicated to?

The vampire lift is recommended for patients whose skin requires bio-stimulation and repair. It also makes a good choice for allergy sufferers who are allergic to wrinkle fillers (own blood is biologically neutral so it does not cause allergic reactions). The vampire facial is also an alternative to plastic surgeries.

The treatment doesn’t just let you reduce wrinkles. It also prevents hair loss by stimulating hair regrowth. That’s why it makes a good treatment for thinning hair.

How is the vampire facial performed?

Before the treatment, a doctor draws a patient’s blood and spins it down in a centrifuge. The blood contains a sterile and amorphous gel which isolates red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma. The doctor adds thrombin or calcium chloride to the plasma which stimulates blood dusts to produce cell growth-stimulating proteins. Next, the doctor injects the preparation using a mesotherapy technique or linearly along the face creases.

During the facial, processes, which resemble the wound-healing, occur resulting in the creation of new blood vessels.

Vampire Facial – Effects

The effect of the vampire lift lasts for around six months and ensures:

  • skin firmness and elasticity,
  • enhanced blood flow,
  • ironing of wrinkles and fine lines.

Is the vampire facial safe?

Doctors are sceptical towards the idea of rejuvenation with blood because the effectiveness of the treatment hasn’t been confirmed scientifically. On the other hand, they know perfectly well that the vampire facial can cause auto-immune diseases and embolism, therefore you definitely must avoid a mixture of the platelet-rich plasma and hyaluronic acid.