Lately, Argan oil has been the most popular substance added to all kinds of cosmetics. It can be found in face and under eye creams, and it has its honourable place in products dedicated to hair care. Its content found in a body lotion or hair conditioner is rather low, however, when used in natural oil blends it is able to completely alternate the appearance and improve the condition of the hair. 

How does Argan oil work?

  1. It balances processes taking place in the hair which prevents the hair from dehydrating and the scalp from becoming oily.
  2. It takes care of the scalp, leaves it clean and well-maintained: each follicle is oxygenated, toxins do not gather on the surface, there is no keratin buildup at the roots. In consequence, the hair is not brittle or overburdened by traces of cosmetics.
  3. It inhibits hair loss by strengthening and stimulating the bulbs directly.
  4. It regenerates the damage inside the hair, improves its resilience and elasticity. This way the hair gains resistance to harmful factors and is easy to style.
  5. It improves hair vitality thanks to the content of vitamins and phytosterols delivered to its interior.
  6. It creates a microscopic, protective coating on the hair thanks to which they are able to endure extreme temperatures and pollution.
  7. It inhibits greying by ensuring the proper level of melanin.
  8. It takes care of hair during colour-treating by protecting against harmful effects of chemicals contained in the dye.


Thick, shiny hair that is also resilient, silky soft and sleek. There are no more hair loss struggles as the hair grows faster and is properly moisturized. It is no longer brittle or frizzy, instead, it is well-kept and grows healthy. 

Argan oil is one of the most powerful, all-natural substances used for anti-aging purposes. It is like an elixir of youth locked in a bottle.