There is a vast number of conditioning oils.

It is hard to decide on one that will be the most suitable for us.

Moreover, we should know that there are no two the same hair types – they are unique like papillary lines.

Therefore, there is no oil that would match all hair types.

How to choose a proper oil to avoid a disaster and not to waste money and time?

There is a classification of oils which allows to match a given oil with a hair type. The classification determines hair porosity, namely how raised the hair cuticles are.

The largest part of human population has medium porosity hair. This type of hair is neither too thin and weak nor too thick and heavy.

Semi-penetrating oils which have medium-sized particles are the most suitable for medium porosity hair. Argan oil is one of them. If you share a hair type with 80% of the population, argan oil will be perfect.

Another important and quite useful property of argan oil is slowing down ageing processes. If it matches your hair type, your strands will be presented with young and beautiful look. If it proves unsuitable, you can use it as a face serum. Regular use will smooth the wrinkles and prevent new ones.

Argan oil has been created for hair that often undergoes intensive hairstyling treatments. Colouring, lightening, hot airflow of a dryer, straightening largely weaken the strands. Argan oil provides excellent protection from damage.

If you are struggling with dry dandruff, you should use argan oil for oiling the scalp. Rub it into scalp regularly – it will help to fight off the dandruff and prevent its recurrence.

Argan oil offers even more benefits. It deeply moisturises and makes hair shiny, helps to tame the strands and prevents split ends. It is absorbed easily and leaves no greasy layer on the hair. Therefore, it can be used by those who fight with oily hair.

You can add argan oil to hair masks, conditioners and home-made sprays. It can be combined with other semi-penetrating oils e.g. sweet almond oil, sesame oil, peanut oil.

Argan oil is one of the most exclusive hair oils. It’s worth to try it out both on hair and body.