Even though we know a lot about hair care, there are still issues that need to be explained. We asked a hairstylist about the most interesting things. Let us present top 4 hair questions.

The hair-care Q&A is what we all want to have. There are lots of questions that cross our mind but we either have no one to address them or we don’t want to bombard our hairdresser with questions. We should do that, though! Most hair problems flow from ignorance on the proper care. Sometimes we’re sure we know something but it turns out we don’t… Let’s see what you know!


1. How to wash hair correctly?

Theoretically, shampooing is easy. Unfortunately, it often happens that we do it incorrectly. The proper washing routine involves a few stages. The first stage focuses on initial washing whose major element is massaging the scalp to get rid of the dirt and product buildup, plus it increases blood flow to the scalp. After rinsing the lather, move on to the next stage and shampoo the hair again. If you wash the hair just once, you’re more likely to suffer because of oil buildup and greasy hair that needs everyday shampooing.

What else should we remember? The temperature of water and products you use. Soap is a cool, eco-friendly idea but it is alkaline so it leaves hair dull and coarse if you don’t use an acidic rinse. It’s better to use a natural shampoo containing gentle washing substances. As far as water goes, never use hot water because it causes hair to go greasy at a blistering pace.

2. How to make hair less oily?

Speaking of greasy hair, the correct washing matters hugely. Shampooing every two or three days is optimal. Overwashing stimulates sebum glands to produce too much oil. It’s the vicious circle: the more often you shampoo, the oilier hair is. It’s good to find the optimal frequency for your strands.

Solutions that help greasy-hair owners include products designed for scalp care like castor oil (regulates the pH, has antibacterial effect) and herbal-based toners. Interestingly, regular use of hair oil treatment helps a lot, despite the popular misconception that oils make hair oilier. Using hair oils on a regular basis balances the scalp.

3. Should you wash hair every day?

Hair washing often arouses doubts. We don’t know how often to do it and, to be honest, there’s no clear answer. For some people everyday shampooing works well while others end up with extreme oiliness.

How to achieve the golden mean, then? Generally, we should wash hair every two or three days but if you feel your strands are still fresh, use the shampoo less often. If you want to train the scalp, a dry shampoo or… potato flour comes to rescue! Sprinkle the product on the roots and comb the hair.

4. How to prevent tangled hair?

As far as tangled hair goes, oils are the best fix. Natural argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or widely-available sunflower oil leave hair softer and smoother. You just need to smooth the oil across strands before or after shampooing and let it do the trick. Key thing to remember: match the oil to hair porosity, or its structure, not to weigh hair down but envelope each strand with a protective layer.

The technique of detangling matters too. You can’t do that at a push, tugging the hair. Get a good brush (key to success) and show a little patience. Move on to detangling the hair section by section from the ends to the roots. Take your time and brush the hair without pulling it out or breaking it.