beauty.jpgThe most necessary product in every makeup bag is the foundation. It evens out the skin tone, hides imperfections and smoothes out the complexion. It can also improve its condition, but only if it contains vitamins. What vitamins will we find in makeup cosmetics? Let’s find out! 

Although its purpose is different, in many respects the foundation is very similar to a face cream. We apply it to the entire face, therefore it must meet its needs. We choose it in regard to the type of our complexion – a different one will be suitable for oily skin and another for acne or dry skin. Interestingly, foundations can also have cream-like properties. If they contain vitamins and other beneficial substances, it will take care of the skin while wearing the makeup.


Check what benefits you can get thanks to the vitamin content in face foundations. Each of them has a different purpose, so it is worth checking out the composition before buying such a cosmetic. It will help you learn a few facts about the properties of the given product.

Vitamin A – is one of the few vitamins that should be used with caution, in small amounts and always with the addition of other substances. Too frequent application of pure retinol to the skin may cause irritation. It is also an ingredient that sensitizes the skin when exposed to the sun, so the foundation with vitamin A will not work in the summertime. However, you must not forget about the positive properties of vitamin A used in accordance with the recommendations. It has a nourishing effect and promotes the synthesis of collagen in the skin. Accelerates regeneration, improves elasticity and promotes exfoliation of the epidermis, thanks to which the complexion is constantly in good condition.

Vitamin B5 – considered by many to be the most valuable vitamin B. It is worth looking for it in cosmetics, especially if we have a mature complexion. First of all, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and discoloration (also those that appear with age). The foundation with vitamin B5 supports cell renewal, soothes irritation and cares for proper pigmentation. When used regularly, it can make your skin look smoother, more elastic and taut after a while. What is also worth emphasizing, vitamin B5 accelerates the absorption of cosmetics into the skin, thanks to which the foundation may be lighter.

Vitamin B7 – another vitamin from the B group, which has been called vitamin Huntil recently. Why is it worth looking for it in the composition of foundations? Not only in them, but also in many other cosmetics, it acts as a humectant. It improves skin hydration and also its firmness. Treatments with vitamin B7 can, therefore, ensure an adequate level of hydration of the skin, as well as improve the contour of the face. Of course, this is a subtle and long-term action, so you will not notice the effects at once, as if by magic.

Vitamin C – it is most often associated with an effective cold remedy and something that will quickly strengthen our immune system. However, vitamin C is very often used in cosmetics, not only in creams, but also in foundations. Thanks to the content of this component, the foundation can help fight the first signs of aging. It fills in wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, keeping the skin in impeccable condition. However, it does not mean that the foundation with vitamin C is an appropriate makeup cosmetic only for mature women. This ingredient also has antioxidant activity and sweeps away harmful free radicals.

Vitamin E – definitely the most common in cosmetics for makeup and care. Why was it proclaimed a vitamin of youth? Because of a few reasons. Vitamin E is one of the strongest antioxidants, therefore it successfully delays the aging process. Not only that it catches free radicals and does not allow them to negatively affect the skin, it also limits the negative impact of UV radiation. What’s more, it increases the elasticity of the connective tissue, thanks to which the skin becomes smoothed and toned. The foundation with vitamin E is a great complement of a cream with anti-aging properties. It can help to minimize swelling, eg under the eyes and reduce inflammation accompanying, for example, acne.

Vitamin F – the last among the popular vitamins that can be found in make-up products. Unfortunately, it is least frequently added to foundations. That’s a pity because it moisturizes and nourishes dry skin, which can be a problem for women of all ages. A good foundation with vitamin F does not have to be heavy to hide imperfections. This ingredient accelerates the regeneration of tissues and has nutritional properties, therefore the foundation with its content quickly improves the condition of the skin, reducing the need to cover up imperfections.