You might think that acne is typical to teenagers and triggered by the hormones running wild during adolescence. It is one of many myths which surround acne. After all, the condition is also affecting adults more and more often. What are home anti-acne remedies? Do they actually exist?

Acne is a teenagers’ skin condition

Until recently, even dermatologists thought acne was the diseases of the adolescents. Yes, it occurs in over eighty percent of people at the age of 13-25 but it rarely gives in afterwards. At first patients hear that the condition will surely go away. Even if it does, untreated acne leaves permanent signs in form of scars and dark spots. Moreover, it makes teenagers feel embarrassed and self-conscious. That is why skin problems can’t be neglected. Bring your teenage son or daughter to the dermatologist’s. Acne occurs together with hormone imbalance so (even the highest-end) anti-bacterial gels won’t treat it without the proper medication.

Acne skin is oily skin

Acne affects oily, combination and dry skin so connecting or making these terms equal is wrong and confusing. Even though acne is directly connected with excessive oil production and the improper function of sebum glands, it poses a far more serious problem than pimples on oily skin. Oily skin is prone to breakouts but when it’s cleaned properly, it will never become acne skin. Therefore, you mustn’t strain your oily skin with harsh products and medication dedicated to real acne sufferers.

The sun will heal your acne skin

UV radiation slows down the work of sebum glands so acne patients notice huge improvement during first days of sunbathing. However, it doesn’t mean the problem no longer exists. It is the other way round: once you stop sunbathing, your skin gets back to its previous state. The skin which has been sun-dried for some time tries to quickly catch up on moisture levels by producing more and more oil.

You can pop your pimples by yourself

It is inadvisable due to many things. Firstly, during such a home ‘treatment’, it’s hard to keep things hygienic which is one of the reasons why popping pimples means you spread bacteria all over your face and other skin areas. Most pimples have their source deep in the skin under the epidermal layer. Notice that when you pop a pimple you only have access to the epidermis so you don’t get rid of the entire blemish. The wrong technique of popping moves your pimple deeper instead of removing it, which intensifies acne breakouts. Moreover, you can easily rake over the skin and end up with scars which are actually more visible than pimples.

You can have pimples extracted by a beautician

For the reasons mentioned in the previous point, you shouldn’t go for facial extraction either. Obviously, if you happen to find a professional and experienced aesthetician, the risk is much smaller but still…

You must disinfect your pimples using spirit

Many people think that after popping a pimple you must disinfect the skin using alcohol-based product such as perfume, spirit or toner. Others try to use the way to treat fresh pimples and get rid of them. Alcohol has a strong dehydrating effect so it weakens the condition of the skin and slows down the skin healing process. Wounds must be moisturized, not dehydrated, so that you can increase elasticity to give the skin ability to adapt to the changed texture of a given place.

Acne requires daily use of antibacterial products

As a disease, acne is caused by hormones, not directly by bacteria. That is why the treatment must start from within. Then you can enhance it using mld clarifying products. Sadly, antibacterial product lines still enjoy huge popularity among teenagers and their parents. A soap-based antibacterial gel in the morning, a matte-effect moisturizer, a nighttime antibacterial scrub and alcohol-based emulsion – the worst acne skin care set you can imagine. Consequently, sebum glands get a signal that the skin is extremely dehydrated so they start working even more intensively. Your face wash won’t penetrate your dermis within twenty seconds – instead it will exfoliate your epidermis to the extreme or will at least spoil the effects of the hormone-balancing treatment.

The lack of makeup heals acne skin

Girls and women who have acne don’t have to give up on makeup. There are no objections towards camouflage makeup as long as you apply two layers of foundation tops. For the best effect, follow these rules: use lightweight mattifying foundations and non-comedogenic (ideally loose) powders and regularly wash your makeup applicators. This way you camouflage makeup but you don’t clog the skin pores.