L’Oreal Dual StylersL’Oreal has released three great hair care products that will make the blow dry process very simple without dehydrating the hair structure. Usually after washing hair, it is quite difficult to style it and it picks up static. You need to apply a huge amount of styling products before you can achieve the desired look. To make life easier you can apply the Dual Stylers when your hair is still damp. In the series, you will find three products, each of them is designed to address different issue. The series was divided according to the effect you would like to achieve.

‘Liss&Pump Up’ is for those who would like to have more volume on head without fizzy hair. It has been created for all types of locks: dry, coloured, curly etc. Your hair will appear fuller but without any unrolled curls.

Sleek&Swing is perfect for those who would like their hair to be straight or if you are planning to use the flat iron. Why if you want to have straight hair you have to resign from volume. Your hair does not need to stick tightly to your scalp anymore. Now with the green Sleek &Swing you can have spongy, soft, yet straight hair. If you apply this creamy formula, you will see how easy it is to style your hair.

Bouncy Tender is designed for wavy hair. To intensify the curl apply a tiny bit of this lotion on your wet hair and use the diffuser to get the locks you want. It is also good heat protectant so you can use the curling wand or curling iron if you wish.
Why should you use the L’Oreal Dual Stylers Series? Thanks to the newest L’Oreal products, you will be able to:

  • detangle your damp hair with ease;
  • style your hair and make the hairdo last up to 72hrs;
  • protest your hair from heat;
  • lock the moisture inside the hair.

Not many realize how damaging the heat is to your hair. It pulls the moisture out and this way it damages the cuticle. Then your locks are prone to breakage and the ends split very quickly. Whenever you use the blow dryer or hair iron, make sure than your hair is protected by the L’Oreal Dual Styler. The price for each of the product should cost you no more than £10.