fake eyelashesNot many woman are happy with the state of their eyelashes. We would like them to be longer, thicker and fuller. Mascara adds are trying to sell their products promising that it is bound to give as the effect we want. Unfortunately, it turns out that we purchased yet another useless yet costly beauty product that will end up in the bottom drawer.

Fake eyelashes are the solution. They can make your eyes glamorous in a matter of minutes. We all heard about them but we do not dare to try. It may look bold and artificial but if we learn how to work with them, we can achieve very natural look.

The first and the most important thing when it comes to fake lashes is choosing the right set. The most popular lashes are produced by the Ardell beauty company. Unfortunately, they are not widely available and only few drugstores stock them. Another way you can get them is online.

If you want to save yourself a hussle, get one of a few Ingot fake lashes. There have a reasonable range of different types so everybody can find something for herself.

Once we have the lashes, it is time for application. All you need are four items: a pair of tweezers, a pair of fake lashes, lash adhesive, and your favourite mascara. Firstly, grab the false lashes with tweezers at its centre. Then apply an adhesive glue to the the false lash band.. Wait about 15 seconds for the glue to get tacky. Using the tweezers apply the false lashes on your upper lid as close to your natural lashes as possible without touching them. Gently push your false lashes to your skin with tweezers in the inner and outer corner of your eye. Wait for the lash adhesive to dry clear. After 2 minutes, you can put your mascara on to blend your natural and false eyelashes together. Now, your lashes should be long and natural looking. If you have fair hair, you may want to choose lashes in brownish shades.

When trying for the first time, do not get discouraged. Remember- practice makes perfect.