Contrary to appearances, nail care is a tricky task. Diagnosing a nail disease or choosing the right products can pose problems. To make things worse, few of you know that household cleaning products can significantly damage the nail plate. Let’s learn how to care for nails!

Do you know the function of nails?

The main function of nails is protection of fragile fingertips. Other functions are “human-made” and rarely benefit the nails.

Lengthy bath time

Even though oil treatments and nail soaks give amazing benefits, nails might become weaker if you take too long baths or if you use too hot water in the shower. If you like relaxing in a tub, remember not to keep hands in water all the time.

Filing damp or wet nails

Wet or damp nail plates are very prone to damage. When you use a file right after a shower or bath, the risk of nail breakage is very high. Before you move on to nail care, let the nails dry. It takes little time and it’s really worth it.

Picking off gel manicure

Removing gel on your own is a very bad idea. Doing so you cause damage to your natural nails. You should definitely go to a salon to have it done by a pro. Be gentle for your nails and never use any sharp tools.

Not letting nails rest

Having mani done without any breaks isn’t good for your nails. Using nail polish, gel, accessories and UV lamps does have an effect on them, a rather unfavorable effect. If your nails are overburdened this way, and don’t have even a week break, their condition gets worse, the plate gets thinner and pigmentation spots appear.

You don’t eat a healthy diet

It’s common knowledge that our diet has a huge impact on the condition of nails. In order to strengthen them, you need to give up on fast food and sweets and turn to vegetables, fruit, seeds, fish, whole grains. If your nails are in a very bad shape, you can additionally think of supplementation and herbal infusions.