beauty.jpgEveryone knows that a face serum is a perfect and necessary cosmetic with a strong and beneficial action … but why? What exactly is a face serum? How does it work and how to use it? How to choose a good facial serum and is it really worth buying? These and many other questions will be answered in the following article.

What is a face serum [definition]

Serum – in other words, an elixir or concentrate of active ingredients with increased and prolonged effects. Its formula is less runny than a cream, so the serum is able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Because the serum has no heavy and surface-active ingredients, its composition can be enriched with a greater amount of substances acting on the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, the face serum is usually richer than traditional creams, and its action is based primarily on the action inside the epidermis.

Types of facial serums

A face serum can have different effects and uses. Depending on the specific needs of the skin, we distinguish the following types of serums:

  • soothing,
  • mattifying,
  • correcting,
  • moisturising,
  • revitalizing,
  • rejuvenating,
  • nourishing,
  • regenerating,
  • brightening,
  • illuminating,
  • firming,
  • smoothing,

How does a face serum work?

The facial serum is a weightless substance that penetrates the skin and is able to get into its deeper layers – it reaches areas where the ingredients of a regular cream are not able to go. For this reason, the serum works more intensively, targeting a specific skin problem – it not only revitalizes and improves its condition but also provides a number of essential substances that support the natural functions of skin cells (vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, flavonoids, good fatty acids).

It is significant that the effect of using the serum can often be seen already after the first application. If used regularly, it stimulates cells and supports skin regeneration and renewal.

Face serum – advantages 

  • improves the structure and density of the skin;
  • firms, smoothes;
  • improves skin tone;
  • removes fatigue;
  • inhibits the shine;
  • regulates sebum;
  • smoothes out wrinkles;
  • reduces the visibility of the pores;
  • lifts;
  • soothes and relieves inflammation;
  • reduces scars;
  • heals acne;
  • removes blemishes and dark under-eye circles;
  • stimulates the skin to work;
  • brightens the complexion.

DIY: how to make your own face serum?

It turns out that a homemade facial serum can be as effective as the one bought in the drugstore. Al you need to do is to combine all those ingredients that are necessary for the particular skin type. These components include Vitamin C and E, hyaluronic acid, oils with rejuvenating and sebum-regulating properties (argan oil, jojoba oil, raspberry seed oil), and plant hydrolates, eg rose, chamomile or witch hazel. The composition of the serum can be changed, and the oils and hydrolates combined in equal proportions. Remember that the serum should not be too thick, because it is supposed to easily penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis. The homemade facial serum is completely natural and can also be used under the eyes.

When is it worth using a face serum?

A facial serum can be used on a daily basis, even twice a day and throughout the year. However, it is worth making sure whether some of them require a special, extra layer of protective cream with a sunscreen (serum, which contains, for example, fruit acids may react badly to the sun radiation).

Moreover, a face serum can be used if you noticed sudden deterioration in the condition of your skin. If your complexion becomes tired, dull, dry or excessively oily, or the first wrinkles start appearing on it – the facial serum will perfectly support the regenerating treatment. For several skin problems, you can use several serums – one in the morning, another one in the evening.

Face serum vs. a face cream

Many women wonder whether the facial serum itself will be sufficient for skin care. Unfortunately, the serum always requires the use of a cream because it does not have a surface effect and therefore does not provide the skin with protection against external factors. The serum is a complement, and more specifically: a reinforcement for the face cream.

Serum or face oil?

In fact, one does not exclude the other: when using a natural oil and a face serum, you can apply the serum first. Then, apply the appropriate oil to your face and finally the cream of your personal preference. It is best to use oil once a day, preferably overnight. It is worth remembering that natural oils often appear in the composition of a serum – in this case, you do not have to reach for the other ones: the serum and cream will be enough.


How often can you use a face serum?

Unless the manufacturer states otherwise – the serum can be used daily or twice a day. It’s best to treat it as a specialist treatment and after 4-5 months change it or give it up for some time to stimulate the natural renewal processes in the skin.

Can the face serum be used under the eyes?

The face serum is the ideal solution for the care of thin and delicate skin under the eyes. Its light consistency will not weigh down the epidermis and it will be perfectly absorbed. In addition, it will condition deeper layers of the skin – it provides stronger action than a cream, so it will provide better anti-ageing prophylaxis. Also, it will enhance skin elasticity and smooth out fine wrinkles.

‘What face serum do you recommend?’ – how to choose a good serum?

‘What face serum do you recommend?’ – this is the most often asked question in drugstores, on internet forums and at the beauty salons. The choice of the serum should be well-thought-out – it is not worth following the opinion of a friend who praises a particular cosmetic. The key to choosing a good facial serum is your skin and its needs and problems. People with oily skin prone to blackheads and pimples will need a completely different set of products than those with mature, lifeless, dull skin with dilated capillaries etc. If your skin is ageing and greasy – you can buy two types of serum (mattifying and balancing sebum secretion) and use one in the morning, and the one with rich composition and rejuvenating effect – apply at night. However, make sure to choose a facial serum that has the lowest possible amount of chemical components, i.e. comedogenic, synthetic and artificial substances. The more natural active ingredients, the better the serum will work.