Black cosmetics get more and more fans. They look a bit strange yet deliver amazing effects. A black soap is the most popular one offering such properties. Check how it will take care of your face.

Where did the black cosmetics trend come from?

Active charcoal is the answer. We have known its healing qualities – especially in stomach problems – for years. Black toothpaste and facial masks (great for cleansing skin pores) have taken over the Internet. Many people are amazed by… lemonade and ice cream waffles coloured with active charcoal.

DIY Black Soap

It is recommended for those who suffer from acne, blackheads and shiny T zone. Used regularly, it purifies skin and soothes inflammation. Black soap has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties; reduces sebum secretion and improves the function of sebaceous glands. It leaves skin free from black spots. You can make it at home which is the biggest plus.

Prepare natural ingredients: a bar of organic soap, two tablespoons of shea or cocoa butter, two spoons of Kombo butter, 1 ½ spoon of active charcoal, a teaspoon of tea tree oil. Melt the soap in a water bath. Add cocoa/shea butter and charcoal. Mix well and pour tea tree oil and Kombo butter. Mix the ingredients and pour the mass into small moulds. Let the DIY soaps cool and harden; store them in a cool place.

Active Charcoal Cosmetics – Benefits

  • Facial mask – there are very few products that cleanse skin pores as well as this mask. It has stolen many girls’ hearts. If you want to give the mask a try, be careful! The mask can pull tiny hair growing on your temples, which could be quite painful. Keep it in mind!
  • Toothpaste – this black cosmetic… whitens your teeth. Seeing black teeth is shocking yet the final result is really mind-blowing. If you have not found such a toothpaste in a drugstore, do it yourself! Mix a powdered tablet of active charcoal with coconut oil which is said to have whitening properties as well. Brush your teeth with the paste.
  • Foam bath – if you are bothered by acne on your back and legs, treat yourself to a bath enriched with charcoal. You can mix powdered tablets with your favourite washing cosmetic. The other way includes throwing a few tablets to a bath tub. Watch out! Charcoal leaves smudges. After the bath, take a quick shower and wash the tub.