Blisters, calluses, and other feet related imperfections can be quite inconvenient. They impair walking, you cannot wear your favorite shoes or do the pedicure. Luckily there are some proven methods as to how you can get rid of blisters.

How are blisters created?

Blisters are a result of constant pressure on the skin in the given area or by the rubbing of the shoes against the skin or fingers rubbing against each other. As a means of protection, the skin creates additional cornified layers. It looks bad and with time it can cause pain or inflammations.

How to avoid blisters?

One of the reasons for blisters to appear is uncomfortable shoes. Those can be too small or big, have a high heel, or be made of unnatural materials. Blisters are also a common thing for overweight people, those with feet related diseases, people who have feet structure disorder (flat foot, deformed toes), with bone inequalities or walking problems.

Other types of blisters

Among other imperfection that can appear on feet are poroma and callouses. The first one is large, yellowish in color, and rather soft change surrounded by reddened skin. It can be a cause for stinging pain and is most often met on the sole of the feet. If you wear high heels, it can also appear mid-foot. On the other hand, callouses are small, hard, and shiny spots that usually appear on the toes. Those have skin ingrown core that can put pressure on the nerves and cause sharp pain.

How to get rid of poroma and callouses?

Poroma is usually removed with a milling machine which lessens the risk of damaging the healthy skin. Callouses, on the other hand, if they are big in size, it is best to entrust to a surgeon or podologist. The procedure is painless because blisters are dead skin cells cluster. However, after the removal of imperfection, you need to use a band-aid.

How to prevent blisters?

In order to avoid blisters, you should take care of your feet daily. It is important to regularly exfoliate and peel off the calloused epidermis as well as to moisturize the skin. Great results ensure herbal bath with refreshing and antibacterial action. You should also make sure to have the right shoes and once in a while to visit beautician or podologist.