Each and every one of us would like to have the perfect and long-lasting make-up. Unfortunately, not all of us can pull that off. If you are one of those people, check which mistakes you should avoid.

1. Do not touch your face

Touching your face is one of the worst skincare and make-up mistakes. If during the day you constantly touch your face (support your face on your hand, rub your eyes), you are rubbing off the cosmetics you put on. What is more, by touching your face, your skin suffers because you transfer the bacteria from your hands to it and that fact can lead to acne.

2. Choose the right cosmetics

Before you start your make-up, you should first take care of your skin. The best for this task are cosmetics matching your skin type and needs. It is the hardest to care for oily skin because people who have it deal with the greatest difficulties when putting on their make-up and making it last longer. It is good to choose cosmetics free from oils and other greasy ingredients.

3. Limit the number of products

Enough’s enough. This rule applies also to make-up. Perhaps the fact that it does not last as long as it should is due to too much cosmetics applied. The product is not able to be absorbed and set in, it reacts to all factors that cause its oxidation, running down or shine.

4. Wait with the make-up

Before doing your make-up, it is good to moisturize the skin with the cream. If that is what you always do, remember to give the cream some time to get absorbed. Do not go for the foundation right away or it will leave smudges, rolls and run down your face. What is more, your face will shine and make-up appears fake.

5. Invest in good quality cosmetics

If you care for long-lasting make-up, you should invest in good quality cosmetics. Obviously, for such cosmetics, you need to pay a bit more, but it is not the cost that matters here. When shopping, pay attention to the ingredients, action, and properties.