Beautiful eyebrows can significantly improve a general look. After many years of the popularity of pencil-thin eyebrows, it’s time for naturalness. Thick, dense and dark eyebrows are the most popular now.

Do you know how to take care of your eyebrows so that they are beautiful and healthy? Learn the most important rules on eyebrow care at home and then put them into practice!

What makes the eyebrows perfect?

Nature and a desire for beauty makes every woman want to have beautiful eyebrows. However, we are not entirely aware of what this means. For everybody it might mean a different thing. Thin or thick? Dark or light? With a gentle or sharp arch? Long or short? Each eyebrow can be perfect if only it fits the shape of our face. This is why in professional salons the shape of the eyebrows, their thickness and colour are selected individually for each client.

A dream or a feasible goal?

Everyone can have naturally beautiful eyebrows. It is never the case that the only rescue is permanent make-up, which only masks the imperfections. What should you do to have eyebrows to be proud of? The most important is care, that is providing the necessary strengthening ingredients, thanks to which the eyebrows can grow beautiful and thick without any obstacles.

Put the tweezers in a drawer!

First of all, you should begin by temporarily giving up tweezers. This is a necessity! Regular plucking weakens the hair follicles, which in the long run may cause problems with regrowing or make your eyebrows thin or sparse. Full eyebrow regrowth can take up to three months, so it’s good to forget about tweezers at this time. If small hairs growing outside of the contour annoy you, replace the tweezers with a comfortable trimmer that shaves the hair. It’s a perfect and safer alternative.

Proper diet is the key

Food is the source of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for eyebrows to grow. That is why a diversified and rich in healthy products diet is of utmost importance. Zinc, silicon, vitamins A and E can be found in sea fish, broccoli, eggs, nuts, parsley, olive oil and tomatoes.

Good eyebrow serum

The supplements that we don’t provide in food can be found in cosmetics. It’s good to invest in an eyebrow serum, which will enhance growth, strengthen the hair and cease hair loss. The result will be healthy, thick and full of volume brows. How to recognise a good eyebrow conditioner?

  • It contains natural plant extracts.
  • It has a runny formula that is well absorbed.
  • It is equipped with a convenient applicator.
  • It works from the inside, i.e. on hair roots.
  • It contains no parabens, dyes and aromas.

How about… eyebrow massage?

Just as it is with hair, eyebrows can start growing faster if we take care of proper blood supply. The easiest way to do this is by massaging the eyebrows. It’s good to spare some time for this activity during the day. How to do this? It’s not difficult – you can use your fingertip, toothbrush or a clean mascara brush. Only a couple of minutes every day can make a huge change.