Every woman dreams of long lashes. Today, a dream of beautiful and up-to-the-sky eyelashes comes true. Adding the right nutrient-rich products to your daily beauty care will do. Here’s the list of the most effective lash and brow products.

  1. Eyelash growth serum – the best one is suitable for the eyebrows, too. They make eyelashes strong, nourish from the roots to the tips and stimulate a faster growth. Lash serums are extremely easy to use – you apply them once a day to clean and makeup-free eyelids and brows, preferably in the evening. After at least two weeks, lashes grow longer and fuller. Choosing the right serum is the key to success – the one that’s the highest-rated in reviews and recommended by women. If you deal with a good serum, it’s also fit for brows, making them stronger and healthier. Thanks to the product, your eyebrows grow more quickly – it’s a good remedy for over-plucked brows.
  2. Horsetail and nettle – this duet has been known for ages and it’s still in. You should infuse the herbs and drink them every day for around two months – in this way, you make your hair, brows and lashes stronger and luminous. The nettle and horsetail infusion prevents hair thinning. Remember that herbal teas work better than nettle or horsetail-based supplements.
  3. Hair growth oils – too bad, applying them to lashes isn’t a good idea because they may get inside the eyes, causing irritation and poorer eyesight. Still, you can apply them to the brows for the right hydration and nourishment. Oils may enhance the eyebrow growth, activating the bulbs and forcing them to work.
  4. A mascara that’s enriched with lash-nourishing and regenerating ingredients – it’s quite a treat for the eyelashes. You should go for mascaras that deliver both nice coating and lash repair. The best ones contain high-quality substances that coat, condition and nourish at the same time. It’s a very creative and innovative solution. After all, you use a mascara every day. Nutrient-rich mascaras stay on lashes long hours and have lots of time to enhance their looks and condition.