best-concealers-for-acne-prone-skin.jpgMake-up foundation is a must-have product that most women can’t do without. The foundation evens out the skin tone and hides minor blemishes depending on the degree of coverage. However, a concealer makes a better choice for camouflaging acne, pigmentation spots, broken blood vessels and dark under eye circles. A well-suited concealer reduces the defects and seems invisible on skin. Which make-up concealer to pick?

Concealer for pimples & minor pigmentation spots

Acne affects people regardless of age. To camouflage its signs, you need to apply a concealer topically with fingertips or with a brush. A green concealer effectively masks redness whereas a yellow one deals with grayish and brown spots.

A concealer for broken blood vessels

Vascular skin appears through e.g. red cheeks. To fight the problem, a dermatologist’s or aesthetic medicine doctor’s assistance makes sense yet you can try yellow and green concealers as a temporary treatment. The products effectively hide a ‘net’ which usually affects cheeks and nasal flares. For these face areas, we can use heavier and full-coverage formulas – a concealer stick, pencil or cream. A thing to be remembered – concealers are highly-pigmented so you can easily overuse it.

A concealer for dark under-eye circles

You can camouflage under-eye circles using a light concealer, preferably a lightening one which is rich in pigments reflecting the light and making the skin appear fresh and rested. Liquid or cream concealers make the best choice for the fragile skin under eyes – you can apply them with fingers, a brush or an attached applicator. Choosing a product which includes moisturising ingredients and sunscreen pays off, hiding imperfections and protecting the delicate skin at the same time. You must apply a thin layer of the concealer before the foundation. To avoid the panda effect, match the shade of the concealer to your skin tone.