Manicure isn’t only limited to filing nail plate but it also involves cuticle removal. Thanks to this procedure we help nails look longer as the lifespan of nail polish is extended. Learn home methods for removing hair cuticles.

Home methods for removing nail cuticles step by step

Step 1. Make the nail cuticles soft

In order to remove cuticles growing around your nails, you need to soften them first. The best way to do this is by drowning fingers in a bowl filled with warm water. You can also add a few drops of some oil to the water. Once soft, it will become easy to remove the cuticles form your nail plate. However, if you don’t have time to keeping your fingers under water, you can try to do manicure right after taking a warm shower or bath. After removing nails form water, dry the nails with a towel.

Step 2. Nail cuticle removal

Reach for an accessory designed for this task. You can use a special wooden cuticle pusher with cut end. Cover cuticles with a thin layer of a cuticle conditioner, a rich cream or Vaseline. Massage the product and start pushing the cuticles back. Do this gently so as to prevent skin and nail damages. This method is definitely safer than cutting cuticle out because unskilful cuticle-trimmer use can lead to disturbing nail surface.

Step 3. Nail cuticle cutting-out

If your cuticles are pushed back and are still remain visible, you need to cut them out. This procedure should be carried out in a very delicate way, using cuticle nippers. On no circumstances should you jerk nor pull the cuticles. It’s worth realizing that, after all, we need cuticles because they protect nail matrix against bacteria. Moreover, all scratches and cuts will cause pain during doing everyday chores. All things considered, think for a while whether you can skip this part.

Step 4. Hand cleansing

After carrying out these procedures you should wash your hands in warm water. Thanks to this you will remove residues of cuticles and other moisturising products.

Nail cuticle removal. How often?

Nail cuticle removal should be carried out more or less once a week. Thanks to this frequency, the procedure itself will last shorter and your hands will win constant good look. Moreover, frequent nail cuticle removal will help you develop the skill to perform this part of manicure better.