Thin as in the 1920s or beautifully emphasized like Marylin Monroe’s? Regardless of how exactly your eyebrows look, it’s a good idea to take care of them. A good eyebrow serum like Nanobrow will prevent the hairs from falling out, strengthen, thicken and embellish them. Check how exactly this product works!

Since when naturally thick and expressive eyebrows became popular, eyebrow conditioners have begun to reign on the shelves of the drugstores. Right next to eyebrow pencils, gels and pomades. But which eyebrow serum to choose? The opinions indicate that Nanobrow serum is the best.

Ingredients for every eyebrow!

This small product hides a set of the best nutrients that stimulate growth and regenerate the hairs. After 2-3 weeks the eyebrows become stronger, thicker, darker and fuller owing to:

  • arginine that rebuilds and regenerates
  • panthenol that maintains the appropriate level of hydration
  • soy and wheat sprout extracts that promote growth
  • baicalein that prevents brow loss
  • ginseng extract that nourishes
  • and a few other essential ingredients

It is important to stress that Nanobrow lacks any potentially sensitizing substances, dyes, synthetic aromas, parabens and substances of animal origin. This makes it a really noteworthy product for eyebrow care.

How does Nanobrow work?

The action of Nanobrow can be divided into two stages. During the first days of the treatment, there are no visible changes because the formula works under the skin – it regenerates and strengthens the hair bulbs, provides the right level of hydration and additionally nourishes. The more damaged the eyebrows, the longer it takes to restore their condition. Visible changes begin between 1 and 2 weeks of treatment. That’s when Nanobrow starts to support the growth of new eyelashes. The hairs grow longer, thicker, darker and more flexible. The eyebrow arch becomes fuller, there are more hairs that give it a beautiful shape.

Does Nanobrow darken the eyebrows?

Most of eyebrow care products contain dyes that darken hair and optically give more volume. Nanobrow is different. It does not contain pigments, only the ingredients that make the hairs darker in a natural way. The skin produces more melanin, a natural pigment that make the eyebrows darker day by day. And more beautiful!

It’s easier than applying mascara!

In the case of this conditioner, there should be no worries regarding the method of use. It’s nothing difficult. Thanks to a comfortable, well-thought-out applicator, the application is not complicated and takes less than a minute. It is a colourless, quickly absorbed cosmetic, so precision is not that much important. It is only essential to properly prepare the eyebrows – the make-up should be removed, the face thoroughly cleansed and dried. Nanobrow will be able to absorb quickly and work effectively on such skin. For this reason, it is recommended to use this eyebrow serum in the evening, before the bedtime. For the best results, you should include Nanobrow to your daily care routine.

How much Nanobrow cost?

For many people, this is one of the most important factors when choosing the conditioner. Some of them believe that Nanobrow is an expensive product. It is important, however, that one tube is enough for about 4-6 months of use. Most of women who used Nanobrow emphasize the fact that the price is adequate to the effects. No other conditioner, especially from the lower price range, will regenerate and make your eyebrows look so good. See for yourself!