The problems with oily skin are often easy to observe at first glance. It stands out with the fact that it is prone to excess shine, in particular in the T-zone – forehead, nose, and chin. What else can we say about oily skin type and how you can improve its appearance?

Oily skin – the characteristic

Obviously, excess sebum secretion can appear also in the different areas of the face, e.g. cheeks or lips. However, it is worth to underline the fact that imperfections occur there seldom and aren’t as visible.

This type of skin is famous for increased susceptibility to skin imperfections which reveal oneself as an itchy rash, blackheads, or visibly wide pores. Oily skin is different also due to its thickness because only in a few cases blood vessels are visible through the skin. Increased sebum secretion makes skin sticky and appears wet even when atmospherical factors aren’t unfavorable.

Oily skin type care: the diet as a key to success

Contrary to appearances, numerous factors have an impact on skin condition and those are not related to cosmetics. An enormous meaning holds a healthy lifestyle and mostly the diet. If you have a problem with imperfections that are characteristic of oily skin, then on your “forbidden” list you should place products such as:

  • chocolate and other sweets;
  • spices with hot flavor (chili, hot pepper, etc.);
  • cigarettes;
  • colorants (especially those with deep and artificial color);
  • preservatives.

What is more, it is recommended to limit the intake of coffee and strong tea, salt, and sugar. Most of those ingredients stimulate the work of sebaceous glands, which means that oversecretion of sebum occurs. The excess amount of sebum causes inflammations, pimples, blackheads, and other imperfections which in the case of oily skin are extremely difficult to hide under the make-up. The factor you should consider to eliminate is also stress as it has a stimulating effect on the organism. As you can see the diet for oily skin does not mean that you have to make lots of sacrifices.

Taking care of oily skin – other important tips

Oily skin care is not easy. To avoid worsening the problem, you should limit the use of soap with a basic reaction. The dermatologists advise against the use of cosmetics that are greasy. When choosing cosmetics for oily skin you should pay attention to whether those were made with the use of large amounts of ethyl alcohol, detergents such as SLS, or ingredients such as lanolin, coconut oil, or cocoa butter.

If you are particularly focused on having the good condition of your oily skin, you should be wise about the exposure to the sun because it is not advised to excessively dry the skin. You shouldn’t cleanse the skin more than twice a day: morning and evening. The use of an exfoliator can help you maintain the epidermis in a good condition.

Take care of your skin every day and it will return the favor with a youthful appearance!