Summer. The time of the year when we expose more skin and put on short and airy clothes taken from the bottom of the wardrobe. However, styling is not everything. Skin care and protection plays also an important role. Check how to take care of your skin and what to do to have the perfect body for the summertime.

Total body care

Before summer, it’s important to take care of every scrap of skin and the whole body, not just the body that will be exposed to the sun. Some of us might have taken on a little weight during winter, thus it would be perfect to get fit in the early spring. If stretch marks or cellulite appeared on your skin, you should schedule an appointment at your favourite beauty salon as soon as possible. There are, of course, other ways of improving the skin and body. It is about changing the lifestyle, regular exercise and healthier eating. Parts of the body that you should subject to special care are arms, cleavage, legs, hips and busts.

The best cosmetics and ingredients

You can use absolutely all types of cosmetics to prepare your skin and body for the summertime. Scrubs, serums, butter, masks and many more will work well. When selecting such products, remember that they should contain the right ingredients. Some of the best include: vitamin E, algae, aloe vera, coffee scrub, fruit acids, urea, retinol, Dead Sea mud, argan oil. Choose preparations with a natural composition, and avoid those in which there are strong detergents, synthetic substances and ingredients of unknown origin.

Healthy body, healthy mind

If you want to lose a few pounds, start working out in the spring. Thanks to regular training, you will prepare the body and skin for the summer. What activity should you choose? You can swim, ride a bike, go for long walks or go to the gym. Exercises will give you not only a beautiful body and firm skin, but also provide cheerfulness and reduce stress. Do you know that hormones of happiness are released during exercise, and the workout adds energy? Therefore, choosing any type of activity, you give your body a nice look and for yourself – a good feeling.

Body treatments

Cosmetics and exercises are not everything. If you want your body and skin to be beautiful in the summer, put on effective skin care treatments. A massage with essential oils or ice cubes will work out well. Both treatments will firm, nourish and moisturize the skin. A treatment that is worth treating your feet after winter is a healing pedicure. In a cosmetic or podiatric office, imprints, corns, thickened epidermis and uneven nail plates will be removed.