When doing manicure, you must take into account a few very important matters. Firstly, the shape of the nail plate. This way you may visually add length or widen your fingers. Secondly, the colour of the polish. This one should match the length of the fingers, skin tone and, of course, the occasion. Thirdly, your personal taste and preference. After all, you do not have to follow the fashion and current beauty trends.

The shape of the nail plate

Rounded shape should be chosen by people who have brittle and fragile nails, perform manual work or simply cannot afford artificial gel nails. The circular shape of the nails will make your fingers look slender and light. To do a natural manicure select lacquers in nude, soothing colours or colourless conditioners. However, better avoid bold colours and patterns. Square nails are perfect for people who have a long and wide plate. Narrowing the sides of the nail will optically lengthen your fingers. When it comes to choosing the colours and patterns, make sure to pick the one that will match your taste. Rounded at the edges and square can also look interesting. It would be ideal for people who have large nails and short, wide fingers. When choosing the polish, you can go crazy: both polishes, in nude and neon colours as well as interesting patterns will look impressive. Almond-shaped nails are recommended for people with healthy and strong plates. They will slightly extend your fingers, and consequently – the entire hand. Red, nude and other classic colours will be perfect for you.

Nail polish colour

If you choose the right nail polish colour, you will enhance the shape of the nail plate at the same time. For slender fingers it is best to use lacquers in deep shades. Shimmering bright colours are ideal for short fingers. Keep in mind that polishes with a pearly finish will emphasize all the imperfections of the nail plate. Did you know that the colour of your nail polish can be chosen according to your skin tone? Girls who have fair skin are likely to choose paints with a touch of blue, cool beiges and grays. For an olive complexion red, peach, apricot and coral shades will be more suitable. For work or school, chose French manicure in the colours of pale pink or nude. Manicure with a metallic finish, marbled nails, glitter ends, geometric patterns, floral motifs and minimalist dots. You have just read the trends for the season autumn – winter 2016/2017. Are you tempted?