A brow gel lets you shape your eyebrows as desired as well as tame and discipline very unruly arches. You can choose a coloured brow gel that will thicken your hairs optically and style them. On the other hand, a clear eyebrow gel is excellent for full eyebrows and gives a natural finish. Good-quality products are able to manage difficult-to-control hairs and make them look healthy. Wondering which gel brings a fantastic makeup effect? Check out this ranking and choose the best brow gel for yourself.

which eyebrow gel is the best

Eyebrow gel – is it worth using?

There are a lot of cosmetics for brow makeup – are you sometimes confused about which to choose? Is a brow gel the one for you? An eyebrow gel is supposed to tame, lock in place and keep in check hair all day long so they’re always perfectly styled. It’s a brilliant option for those with long, thick eyebrows who need to manage them. When it comes to those with skinny and patchy arches, a coloured brow gel will most likely appeal to them as it tames and colours well, camouflaging sparse areas and creating the illusion of fuller and thicker eyebrows.

How was our brow gel ranking created?

The ranking below was created based on multiple opinions, performance and makeup effects you can achieve. It also takes the price and available shades into consideration – the selection doesn’t have to be very wide but the colours should be refined and should provide a natural effect, matching your eyebrows. Find out which brow gel is the most recommended!

Eyebrow gels – ranking



Producer: Nanobrow (nanobrow.co.uk)

Type: eyebrow gel

Colour: transparent or coloured (3 refined shades to choose from)

Performance: very long-wear, waterproof, sweat-proof, anti-smear.

Opinions: highly praised, often recommended

Nanobrow Lamination Gel is a brow product that gained popularity in record time! It’s recommended and praised. The brow gel is appreciated by professional makeup artists: the Nanobrow eyebrow gel can be found in many MUAs’ beauty bags. It has great composition and beautiful natural colours that suit every woman’s face. You can get a clear version that locks in place and tames unruly hairs. How does Nanobrow work? First and foremost, it colours eyebrows excellently, coating every hair with an even amount of the product and enhances the natural colour of your arches. The coloured version thickens and emphasizes every little hair. You can apply one or two layers of the gel if you want a more expressive effect. A very comfortable spoolie brush will ensure precise makeup. An undisputed winner of the ranking!



Producer: Anastasia BH

Type: eyebrow gel

Colour: as many as 11 shades, some very similar to each other, no transparent version.

Performance: very long-lasting

Opinions: praised and recommended

Surely no one is surprised by the fact that our ranking mentions this gem by Anastasia BH. It’s a well-known and recommended world-class brow gel. The wide range of shades, long-lasting effects and a quite good spoolie brush result in a product destined for success. Are there any cons? A ridiculously high price and many colours make it difficult to find your perfect match. It’s advised to check out the available shades in a physical drugstore to be sure before purchase. The brow gel keeps hair in place and makes them look smoother.



Producer: Glossier

Type: eyebrow gel

Colour: transparent + 4 coloured options

Performance: very long-wear

Opinions: well-known and praised

A brow gel in the form of mascara. It disciplines eyebrows, giving them a natural shape and structure. The long-wear, transparent formula is non-sticky and absorbs quickly. This product thickens eyebrows and makes them look fuller. Contains caring ingredients such as beeswax and carnauba wax that hold hairs in place all day long without the feeling of stiffness as well as olive oil emollient and lecithin – natural lipids that provide a pleasant consistency and a subtle glow. As you can see, the gel hydrates and takes care of hair well but what about the makeup? What kind of effects can you expect? It turns out that the shades are refined, however, when it comes to its formula – opinions are divided.



Producer: Benefit Cosmetics

Type: eyebrow gel

Colour: shades of brown

Performance: long-wear

Opinions: known and liked

Benefit Gimme Brow earned its place in our ranking. This brow gel allows for quick styling and achieving the desired eyebrow shape. Its formula contains special fibres that overbuild hair and add volume. The impressive range of 11 shades might make it a difficult task to choose the one, nonetheless, the colours are refined. The lack of the option of a clear gel is unfortunate. This brow gel is long-lasting and waterproof.

The coloured versions of Gimme Brow darken hair and fix them in check. Go for it if you’re looking for a brow gel that will help you shape your eyebrows as desired as well as boost their density and enhance them. For many, it might be a little over-priced.



Producer: Kylie Cosmetics

Type eyebrow gel

Colour: clear

Performance: ensures a pretty good fixation

Opinions: a popular brow gel, produced by a celebrity

A transparent eyebrow gel created by worldwide-known Kylie Jenner. This styling cosmetic is equipped with a spoolie and has a good holding ability. It’s designed to give brows a beautiful look and natural density. The clear brow gel helps fix eyebrows in place and keep them in check for several hours. Its lightweight, non-sticky formula draws attention.

It can be used solo or applied on already-styled eyebrows, coated with other brow makeup products. Its formula is enriched with polymers and the spoolie combs eyebrows well. This vegan, eco-friendly gel is… quite costly.



Producer: Bobbi Brown

Type: eyebrow gel

Colour: 8 shades, including a clear one

Performance: doesn’t last too long

Opinions: prestigious but not the best brow gel out there

Prestigious but not too popular or recommended. Perhaps it’s disqualified by the price and very bright colours, among which brunettes will not find their perfect match. The brow gel will shape your hair in no time. It boosts the density of the arches and leaves them more supple. Even though the colour and the brow shape are enhanced, the hold the product provides isn’t the best. The brow gel will emphasize your arches and camouflage any sparse areas. It has a lightweight formula which applies easily but you shouldn’t expect a WOW effect that other gels in this ranking are able to bring. The quite big applicator isn’t the best for skinny and fine eyebrows.

Eyebrow gels ranking – conclusions

A brow gel is every woman’s cosmetic must-have: it’s brilliant for every eyebrow type as it provides the desired hold and beautifies both thin as well as bushy eyebrows. It’s also quick and easy to use – the perfect product for busy people. Our eyebrow ranking gel showed that the best brow gel doesn’t have to be the most expensive and the colour range doesn’t need to be very wide to find the right shade easily. What really matters are refined natural and neutral colours. A good brow gel will make your arches look strong, healthy and shiny. We hope that our ranking helped you find ‘the one’ for you!

How to do your makeup with a brow gel – 3 ways

Last but not least – our helpful makeup tip. Did you know that brow gels allow for doing brow makeup in a few different ways? Here are the most popular makeup tricks that bring terrific effects on the eyebrows – choose your favourite method or use a different trick every day to get a new unique look!

  1. Use a powder, pencil or pomade and then fix the eyebrow shape with a coloured or clear gel.
  2. Use a transparent brow gel and style your hairs by brushing them upwards. Create a laminated brow effect! This option is perfect for fans of ‘no makeup’ makeup who wish to enhance the natural beauty of their arches.
  3. Go for a coloured eyebrow gel to add an expressive shade and boost their density optically. It also styles and holds hair in place incredibly well.