The under-eye cream is a cosmetic that often appears on the bathroom shelve when we hit over 30s (some start using it later on). In the meantime, the skin around the eyes requires our support way sooner because it’s delicate and devoid of sebum so suffers from dryness and ages way faster. How to choose under-eye cream and what should you know about this product as well as skincare of the area?

Under-eye cream Q&A

1. When should you start using under-eye cream?

It is best to start its application early, i.e. around the time you have 25 years. Face cream should become a fixed element of skincare in the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. However, if you want to significantly inhibit aging processes and enjoy beautiful skin free from wrinkles, remember to support it starting early on. The delicate skin around the eyes requires particular support because of the lack of sebaceous glands in this area.

2. Under-eye cream – why is it necessary?

It’s a gentle cosmetic that absorbs well and takes care of the delicate skin around the eyes to protect it from damages and to inhibit aging processes. The use of under-eye cream is important because in this area skin lacks proper protection mechanisms and is less able to regenerate that is why it requires continuous external support. A good under-eye cream will not only nourish but also protect the skin against damage and irritations and in the future will result in anti-wrinkle action.

3. Can one use oils as an under-eye cosmetic?

Most certainly. There is a wide range of oils that are easily absorbed and have additional anti-age action. At the same time, the oils are natural and safe and most of them contain natural UV filters. For under-eye skincare great are oils such as raspberry seed oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, but also the thick yet gentle to skin shea butter or coffee butter.

4. Can one use face cream as an under-eye cream?

It is not recommended because face cream may be too heavy for the delicate skin under the eyes. Face cream can cause irritation in this delicate area. It is often too heavy and thick. It happens that face cream can contain exfoliating substances in the composition (e.g. fruit acids) and those shouldn’t be used for the skin under the eyes. For this reason, when it comes to skincare always go for creams that are recommended for this area of the face.

5. Should you massage the skin under the eyes?

A gentle massage of under-eye skin is recommended because thanks to it the skin regains vitality and suppleness. You can perform the massage with your fingertips (gently tapping the skin) or using a special tool, so-called massager. Lately, it’s quite popular to use massagers with gems, e.g. jade roller, quartz roller, onyx roller. Stones are known to remain cool for a long time so they are able to eliminate dark circles and puffiness quite effectively. You can polish them to be really smooth and thanks to the massage the rollers can eliminate lymph retention.

Another great solution is to obtain under-eye cream equipped in a small massager. The massaging tip is small, usually made of metal, and can retain the cool quite well. At the same time, the tip has a great shape and will fit in the area under the eyes really well and that makes the message that much easier.

6. Should one remove mascara with special make-up removers?

Not necessarily. If your mascara is not waterproof, then the regular micellar liquid will do the trick. However, if you use cosmetics with strong pigmentation and such a regular remover will not be able to deal with, you should use a special (e.g. bi-phased) make-up remover for the eye area. It will not only help you remove make-up without rubbing, but also contains nourishing substances that can take care of the skin around the eyes.