Semi permanent eyelashesIt has been proven that women with long lashes and beautiful appearance are better perceived by others (especially by the people they speak to) during the first three seconds. It does not only consider beautiful appearance but also self confidence. Of course, semi permanent eyelashes do not guarantee a pay rise. Nevertheless, all women should be confident and feel good about themselves.

There is no reason why we should not treat ourselves with eyelash extensions. However, you do not have to spend fortune on semi permanent eyelashes. Although this method is very popular, it has a number of disadvantages. It is really worth searching for an alternative. Fortunately, you do not have to look far for the answer. The best solution is to take care of your natural eyelashes with the use of a good serum (such as Nanolash). They will become long, thick and dark. Additionally, the effects will be long-lasting.

Semi permanent eyelashes is the most popular method of eyelash extensions. To each individual eyelash, the beautician adheres a single synthetic lash. However, if you can devote more money to this procedure, you can get better quality lashes made of silk or mink fur. Of course, those two methods can be mixed in order to achieve better effects that will suit your preference. Nevertheless, semi permanent eyelashes have more disadvantages. What are they?

Semi permanent eyelashes – disadvantages

Very high price

The biggest problem that comes with semi permanent eyelashes concerns the costs. Even if you decide to purchase the less expensive ones, you still must remember that it will cost much more than a good eyelash serum. Many women admit that spending twice as much as a mascara for a one-week lasting effects is rather overpriced and not worth the hassle. What is more, the costs increase if you choose a more demanding method (semi permanent eyelashes are less expensive than for example volume eyelash extensions where you apply up to 8 false eyelashes to a single natural lash) and more expensive materials for example false eyelashes made of silk or mink fur. Of course, you might take the risk and have your semi permanent eyelashes done at the cheapest salon or by not fully qualified beautician. However, you must take into consideration very low quality service. There is another way to strengthen and lengthen your lashes. For example, you can use Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum.

Time-consuming procedure

Immediate effects sound very promising. However, they also mean hours spent still at a beauty salon. Before you have your semi permanent eyelashes done, you must properly prep your skin (thorough make-up removal, degreasing, adjusting the size and selecting the method). Only then, you can choose the material the lashes are made of. Rush is not recommended. The procedure of applying semi permanent eyelashes is a very tedious treatment that requires great precision. Keep in mind, that if any beautician tells you that she is able to apply semi permanent eyelashes in less than an hour, it is very risky to trust her skills. Few hours are necessary to place and adhere semi permanent eyelashes properly.

Reason of allergic reactions and irritation

Even though semi permanent eyelashes are the least overburdening method for natural eyelashes, they can still cause serious irritations to your eyes. Allergic reactions caused by inappropriate materials (for example not dermatology and ophthalmology tested synthetic adhesives or lashes of animal origin) occur very often. It is very difficult to foresee whether either of the products will be sensitising to our skin or eyes. The best solution would be to conduct an allergy test prior to the procedure, unfortunately, no beautician will do this. Not only allergic reactions are the side effects of semi permanent eyelashes. They also cause mechanical irritations. It is very easy to pull natural eyelashes, scratch or irritate your eye with tweezers or false eyelashes.

It is easy to obtain grotesque effects

One of the main advantages of semi permanent eyelashes is the amazing effect of full eyelashes. There is no need to apply any mascara because they are long and thick everyday. Unfortunately, in practice, it looks a bit different. It is easy to obtain grotesque effects. If it turns out that the eyelash extension artist does not choose the proper length or curl of the individual eyelashes, you end up looking completely different than you expected. What is more, you must remember that as the name indicates, semi permanent eyelashes are not long-lasting. Each semi permanent eyelash falls out with the natural one. Of course, you do not lose all your lashes at the same time…and that is the problem. If you lose only a few eyelashes, you end up with asymmetry and disproportion. Along with the growth of natural eyelashes, semi permanent eyelashes can be slightly shifted, for example up or down. Semi permanent lashes look great only for a few days after the application.

Restrictions on make-up

The most often mentioned disadvantage of semi permanent eyelashes is the limitation when it comes to make-up. Unfortunately, not many women are aware of that before they decide to apply semi permanent eyelashes. Beauticians do not inform their clients that after the application you cannot do your make-up the usual way. First of all, you cannot apply mascara to semi permanent eyelashes because make-up removal would be very harmful to them. What is more, the durability of semi permanent eyelashes is also reduced due to the use of inappropriate cosmetics, such as: eyeliners or eyeshadows. Additionally, keep in mind to avoid oil-based cosmetics. This ingredient emulsifies the adhesive. Therefore, semi permanent eyelashes last for a shorter period of time.

The necessity of drying your eyelashes

After the application, your eyelashes require specialised and gentle care. Many women do not treat them they way they should, therefore the results do not last long. Taking proper care of semi permanent eyelashes is a must. It does not only mean limits on make-up but also using specific cosmetics and overall gentle care. Semi permanent eyelashes can lose their resilience, change shape and fall off under the influence of water. What is more, there are miniatures of lash blow-dryers that facilitate drying after showering or swimming in the pool. It is very difficult to avoid contact with water. Nevertheless, you must make sure that you can quickly and gently (not rubbing your towel) reduce excess water. Dry semi permanent eyelashes will last longer on your eyes.

Avoid oily cosmetics

Unfortunately, semi permanent eyelashes do not only mean restrictions on make-up mentioned above. This procedure also requires a change of your care habits. From now on, you will have to carefully select your cosmetics, such as: under eye creams, and facial, day and night creams. All those that contain oils (the majority) will not be a good choice. Why is it such an important matter? Oils and cosmetics of oily formulas easily emulsify the adhesive used in this procedure. Of course, such products will nor harm us, but will weaken the effects.


Nanolash - the most effective serum for a beautiful lookThe best alternative to semi permanent eyelashes is eyelash and eyebrow serum from Nanolash. No other method will bring such natural and long-lasting effects. The capacity of this product is 3 ml and it lasts from 3 to 6 months of regular use. Nanolash serum can be used on both eyelashes and eyebrows to strengthen them, improve length and thickness. The application is facilitated thanks to a precise brush that comes with the cosmetic. The application is very quick and easy. Simply apply colourless serum along your lashline. There is no need to spend hours at the salon or search for a fully qualified beautician. The application takes only a minute and does not require any special skills. This option brings a lot better results than semi permanent eyelashes. The effects are noticeable after 2 – 4 weeks of use. Thanks to Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum, your natural lashes are 50 % longer, thicker and darker. Additionally, it stimulates lash growth (baby lashes appear). The effects last up to 6 months or longer and new lashes grow stronger and more beautiful.