Getting a long-lasting tan is a complex process that requires persistence. If you want to enjoy sun-kissed skin for longer than usual, you have to follow some rules prior to sunbathing, during exposing your body to the sunlight, and after leaving the sun. Would you like to learn these rules?

Things you should do before sunbathing

A few days before exposing your body to the sun, you should do whole body peeling. Thanks to removing dead skin cells, you smooth the body out which consequently increases your chances of obtaining even suntan.

Things you should do during sunbathing

Sun cream has to be applied every two hours because this is how long it remains effective. Choose a 20-30 SPF provided that your skin is normal. In the case of sensitive skin, you should go for a 50 SPF. If you neglect this issue, you can expose your body to sunburn. As important as using the sun cream is the way you adopt to spread it all over your body. This type of preparations must either be patted into skin or spread with circular motions. Never should you rub them.

Apart from systematic application of a sun cream, your skin needs intensive hydration since it’s exposed to two dehydrating factors: the sun and salty water. For that reason, you should treat your body with regenerating and moisturizing body balms (e.g. with allantoin or glycerin) every time you finish sunbathing. Your skin needs to be replenished with water also from the inside, therefore you shouldn’t forget to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Finally, if you want to enjoy long-lasting results, you shouldn’t take hot showers/baths because hot water irritate already tired skin.

Are there any food products that can make your suntan last longer? It appears that there are some. These are all the products rich in beta carotene that gradually accumulates in skins and gifts it with brown shade. Beta carotene can be found in carrot, apricot, melons, tomatoes and pepper.

Things you should do after sunbathing

Again, you have to apply a body scrub to free new and healthy-looking skin from the dead skin cells that are right above it.

The beauty products that you should consider as essential as a body scrub are a self tanner, bronzing balm or bronzing powder. Applying one of the listed products will help you not only to enjoy tanned skin for longer but also such cosmetic will camouflage all possible unevenness. In order to avoid smudges, try blending a self tanner with a dash a moisturizing body balm.

What is the difference between a self tanner and a bronzing balm? The latter contains the very same colorants as a self-tanner but their concentration is definitely lower. What is strictly connected with that, the effect created is less intensive. When it comes to bronzing powder, thanks to its highlighting properties this product gifts skin with radiant look.