The mask effect is one of the most common make-up mistakes and to be true the greatest nightmare of every make-up. You strive for high coverage and perfect camouflaging for all imperfections? You probably think that you have to agree on a high coverage foundation and the coverage in general. Or perhaps you think that you have to apply a few layers of the product? Not necessarily! There are a few methods to achieve a desirable effect and avoid mask effect.


Did you know that proper skincare is relevant also when it comes to the make-up?

Proper cosmetics and regular skin moisturizing is a key element when you want to avoid mask effect.

Correctly chosen cosmetics are a step towards flawless skin. Only after skincare comes time for search of good quality make-up cosmetics. That is why, you have to look for products with good composition, free from parabens and silicones.

Once you have skincare products collected, you can move to make-up cosmetics. The most important matter is choosing the right foundation. Not only such that will go along with your skin type but also to blend perfectly with its complexion. It’s not that difficult if you change your approach. As it turns out the choice of foundation can take some time and it is not recommended to check its shade in the drugstore with artificial light.

Ask for some samples, you can even have small containers on you and ask the shop assistant if you can take just one pump of each color to the containers. That’s all you need. Now you just have to take all colors home (remember to write the color number and foundation name on the jar) and check them in the daylight on the jawline and cheek – one next to the other. Check which color is perfect for your skin. Do you have your perfect foundation? Now, you just have to make sure that your make-up does not look like a dry mask.


The make-up base has a huge impact on the entire make-up and the final effect. Thanks to it, the skin will not only look smooth, be velvety in touch and perfectly prepared, but also make your foundation last the entire day and stay in the perfect condition.

One of the best ones is the moisturizing base which additionally takes care of skin and prevents dryness even when your foundation of choice as a strong mattifying effect. Hence, the moisturizing base is perfect not only for dry skin but basically for all skin types. If your skin suffers from plenty of imperfections – choose the camouflage base with set colors, such as green, violet or pink.

The make-up base has yet another quality: you can apply it also under eyeshadows. It will be a perfect primer and will extend eyeshadows durability. What is more, the make-up base applied to the eyelids will smoothe out the skin and prevent the gathering of the pigment in the crease.


If you want to achieve a high coverage effect while avoiding the dry beige shell on your face, do not apply a few layers of the foundation. Instead, apply the concealer to the areas that require more coverage. Then gently tap it in with your fingers. It will make face look natural while imperfections will be hidden under the concealer layer. The plus side is that this type of make-up is fast and not time-consuming at all.


The best ‘tool’ for the foundation are hands, however, remember that it shouldn’t be smeared all over the face, but gently tapped in. This way, it is able to better blend with the skin and you can avoid smudges and get rid of a problem of unevenly applied foundation.

The flat foundation brush is also a thing of past – this uncomfortable in use tongue is not helping in achieving make-up without mask effect. However, the perfect tool is a flat top brush, which is trimmed at the top yet very fluffy. Wet it gently with flower water, take a small amount of foundation (pea-size!) and stamp the face with it. The foundation will blend with skin perfectly and become invisible to the naked eye while your skin becomes flawless.

The greatest make-up artists in the world hold in their make-up kits not only brushes but also a sponge, known as a beauty blender. It’s perfect for the foundation application! As it turns out a sponge is good for foundation application, but also powder or just for the make-up finish. You have to try a beauty blender, it may be something you actually need so that your make-up is perfect!


Always apply your foundation the same way, start in the middle of the face and head towards the external parts – the less product will go to those parts, the less apparent the boundaries of the make-up. It ensures a natural effect without the mask effect.

Remember that on the temples and near the hairline, you do not need the same kind of coverage as in the middle of the face or on the cheeks.