Thick eyebrows have been fashionable for a few seasons now. The eyebrow make up and permanent make up are also trendy. But what can you do if Mother Nature have not presented you with beautiful eyebrows and your natural ones resemble two very thin lines? Learn about the methods of growing out eyebrows.

You must be aware that growing out brows is a very longsome process. A lot of time will pass before you see satisfying effects. Giving up brow shaping is the most difficult part. You cannot pluck even the hairs that grow in the middle of the movable eyelid. If you are patient, you will notice after some time that brows get proper shapes themselves. Remember also that plucking the hairs that grow above the browridge is unacceptable.

Gadgets for styling the brows will come in useful. One of them is a trimmer – small knife which trims the hairs without plucking them. This styling method is painless and non-invasive as well as safe for the skin. Thanks to the regular use of the trimmer we will be able to change the shape of the brows in a very short time and without the necessity to grow or pluck the hairs.

If you are planning on growing out your eyebrows, you should try cosmetic oils and conditioners. Castor oil stimulates growth of new hair as well as strengthens hair bulbs and follicles. What is more, it offers moisturizing and nourishing action. You must be patient when you use such products. They contain natural ingredients which work much slower than their chemical equivalents. However, they are safer, do not cause irritation and have a positive influence on the brows.

Before the make up, comb your brows with a small brush – you will get a perfect contour of the browridge and tame unruly hairs. Also, painting the brows will become easier. Use an eyeshadow or pencil to cover the hairs which have grown out under the browridge. The last solution is permanent make up.