Whenever you think of Victoria’s Secret, probably the first things that come to your mind are the beautiful angel-like models and a lacy lingerie. However, from now on the brand will remind us of a beautifully scented mists. You can distinguish fruity and flowery aromas. Which one will suit you the most?

Victoria’s Secret has introduced three new body mists. These are: Sheer Love, Pure Seduction and Love Spell. All of them come in plastic bottles decorated with a lovely bow. The capacity of a single package is 250 ml, and the price may vary depending on the place of purchase. When it comes to the application, it is a basic atomizer thanks to which, it is very easy to spread the mist all over your body.

Sheer Love is a product in which you will be able to sense notes of white cotton and pink lily. The fragrance is delicate, fresh and very feminine. You have the feeling that the scent coats your body and hair for a long time. The Pure Seduction mist comprises of the aroma of freesia, plum and chamomile. You can even sense a slightly bitter and somewhat sour smell. This cosmetic is rather an original one and will surely suit girls who like to stand out. Moreover, in Love Spell you can easily sense fruity aromas. Cherry blossom, white peach and jasmine are the ingredients which make the product smell so nice.

Probably the only disadvantage of these products is the fact that the fragrance only lasts about half an hour on your body and hair. On the other hand, it can be easily used during a hot sunny day, when usually, your perfumes with alcohol content tend to change their smell. What is more, these body mists are delicate and do not irritate your skin or stain your clothes. However, if you wish to prolong the scent on your body and hair, feel free to use this easy trick recommended by many stylists. In order to do that, you will need jojoba oil. It is worth remembering that this unscented oil is commonly used in the production of perfumes to prolong their durability. Firstly, only a small drop of the oil must by applied to your wrists, behind your ears, where your knees and arms fold and on the cleavage. Next, spray your mist over the same places and enjoy the beautiful smell of Victoria’s Secret mists throughout the day.