If you’re planning on checking a new beauty salon, you should first make sure professionals work there and that they use high-quality products. What else should you pay attention to?

1. The staff’s skills and competence

Experienced professionals equal advanced treatments. Before you make an appointment, check if the staff have the right experience and can do invasive procedures. They should have extensive knowledge on the skin’s structure, functions and chemical processes.

2. Quality of products

Thanks to top-quality products, you can get the best effects with a given treatment. How do you know a given salon uses good cosmetics? If prices are higher, this means the salon offers the finest-quality treatments and cosmetics.

3. Hygiene of services

Pay attention to disinfection and sterilization of tools in an autoclave, regularly-replaced water for facials, single-use accessories (nail files, headbands, etc.) and whether a beautician works with protective gloves on.

Beauty procedures: before & after

Depending on a procedure, you should take at least a two-week break from the sun exposure, sauna, antibiotic treatment. Do your best to reduce irritations due to hair removal or scrubs.

As far as aftercare is concerned, follow these rules: use sunscreen, avoid swimming pools, sauna and cigarette smoke, don’t drink alcoholic beverages and give up on tough workouts.

What does the procedure involve?

If you’re stressed out, ask the staff about the details on the procedure. The standard steps include an interview and consultation, skin cleansing and analysis, procedure. Finally, your beautician fills a form writing down the step-by-step procedure, used products and scheduled appointments to come.

How often to undergo in-salon procedures?

The frequency depends on the needs of your skin and the type of treatment. For the best effects, it is recommended to undergo a series of procedures performed at intervals. Some treatments are repeated after a long time just in order to maintain the effects.