The rule is simple: If you want to have flawless skin, you must do your best to let it become so. Best if you turn to beauty products containing an ingredient that skin adores, that is vitamin C – rejuvenating, brightening, revitalizing. You can choose among advanced creams and serums with vitamin C. Do you know which product will serve you better in daily skin care?

It can’t be denied, the popularity of face creams and face serums with vitamin C is constantly growing year by year. This prevailing trend is definitely a positive one because vitamin Ci is a highly effective anti-oxidant with a really vast spectrum of beauty benefits.

Vitamin C in beauty products. What are the benefits?

It wasn’t long time ago when we associated vitamin C only with a remedy dealing with a common cold. Recently, however, it has appeared that this essential nutrient offers us far more benefits when introduced into face skin care products, especially into face creams and advanced face serums. What are the positive effects of ascorbic acid on skin and why is it so common?

  • Brightens: it’s mainly recommended to treat dull, matte and fatigued skin that, owing to vitamin C, is left brightened up and restores its beautiful radiance.
  • Reduces discolorations: no matter the type of discolorations (e.g. sun pigmentation, acne), vitamin C highlights them and evens out skin tone.
  • Has an anti-ageing effect: vitamin C inhibits oxidation and fights off free radicals which is why it’s able to delay skin ageing processes.
  • Reduces fine lines: it stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis which leads to increased skin suppleness.
  • Cures acne: it soothes inflammations, is antiseptic and helps exfoliate dead skin cells which facilitates acne reduction.

It’s worth realizing that the above-mentioned benefits aren’t all qualities of vitamin C that found their application in beauty. Not without a reason cosmetics with ascorbic acid are so common nowadays.

Beauty products with vitamin C: creams, serums and powders

What beauty products contain vitamin C? Where can we find it? One of the most popular are face serums and creams, which are the products that we use daily. Naturally, you can also come across other forms like, for example, powdered vitamin C. What’s worth realizing though is the fact that the form of vitamin C used in a particular product determines its effectiveness. In other words, some beauty products are able to deliver better results simply because the form of vitamin C used is more effective.

Rarely do we make use of powdered vitamin C. In most cases we have to choose between face cream and face serum with vitamin C.

  • Face cream – this product can be used without any restrictions because the concentration of the substances used is lower, hence lower effectiveness; it has thicker consistency though.
  • Face serum – is noticeably lighter since it’s commonly available in either gel or oil form; it’s better to apply it systematically, yet you should mind the quantity applied because owing to its high concentration of nourishing substances (e.g. vitamin C) the effects are stronger.

Face cream or serum with vitamin C?

What should you choose? Well, you SHOULDN’T CHOOSE at all!

Both face cream and face serum with vitamin C are the beauty products that should be introduced into our daily face care. They complement each other in terms of delivering effects. Serum penetrates skin to work from the inside, whereas face cream creates an external protective layer that handles water and nutrient loss.

However, if you have to choose, it’s a face serum with vitamin C that offers you stronger effects. Not only does it work stronger but also deeper, and mostly, it offers you a bigger portion of ascorbic acid. What’s important, concentration of vitamin C in face serums differs as serum may offer you various forms of vitamin C. Having this in mind, it becomes easier for you to choose the right serum to satisfy needs of your skin.