Smog is in the air! We are aware of that, we breathe it in, it gets into our lungs. Do you know that the extreme air pollution affects your skin as well? Tiny particles penetrate the skin, causing oxidative stress and faster aging. That’s why anti-pollution skin care products have been made – they help to keep the skin from damage and dangerous particles.

Why you need to protect the skin from smog?

Smog is extreme air pollution. This hazardous dust has a negative effect on the skin. It is a blend of chemical substances such as nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon including benzo[a]pyrene. All of them have been proven to be mutagenic and carcinogenic.

Smog worsens the appearance of skin, plus deteriorates its protective mantle – the skin becomes reactive, prone to irritations, hypersensitive and is too weak to protect itself from unfavorable weather conditions (dry air, freezing cold, wind, sun). Its barrier isn’t strong enough. Free radicals are formed whereas the skin functions are dysregulated and skin cannot fix (repair). Cigarette smog and car fumes have a similarly negative effect, which additionally causes damage to skin which is already weaker. That’s why anti-pollution products are a must these days, especially in the wintertime.

How to protect the skin from pollution?

  • Use proper protective skin care products (check them for anti-pollution ingredients).
  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin (don’t wait until bedtime, do it immediately after coming back home).
  • Enrich your skin care with the right serum which fights free radicals and prevents oxidative stress (e.g. vitamin C serum).

Anti-pollution skin care products

When fighting against smog, protecting the skin should be the priority. That’s why when you go outside, choose thicker formulas that are high in emollients. This way they are able to form a barrier between the skin and hazardous particles.

Products fulfilling this purpose include rich winter creams, water-free products (or products including little water), natural beauty oils as well as a layer of makeup foundation.

As far as oils are concerned, the nourishing and repairing effect is their biggest advtange. Second to none when replenishing hydro-lipid barrier. They both create a protective film and revitalize the skin.

Oils and other anti-smog products have antioxidant effect and this very effect is essential in anti-pollution skin protection. Antioxidants counteract free radicals, prevent inflammation and skin damage, repair the tissues. The examples include vitamin E and C as well as flavonoids naturally occurring in plant extracts.

How to choose the best anti-pollution product?

Your product must be thoroughly tested and checked for anti-pollution effect. Complexes are very common – unique blends whose ingredients complement each other for more intensive effect.

What substances in anti-pollution products give the best effect?

Moringa (Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract) and schisandra (Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract) make an effective duo and work much better together; they both counteract the negative effect of pollution. Buddleja davidii extract (Buddleja Officinalis Leaf Extract) is another brilliant ingredient that saves skin from smog. Chitosan works great in anti-pollution creams forming a protective film on the skin surface. Other common substances include detoxifying algae and probiotic water to soothe tired skin.