Do you know that there are cosmetics you can use in two different ways? What is more, go to your kitchen and you will find products that have amazing benefits in skin and hair care. Check what I mean and enjoy an everlasting beauty and health.

Secrets of beauty products

I am sure you had no idea about it. Some makeup cosmetics have two uses e.g. mascaras, cheek blushers, eyeshadow and lipsticks. These products will let you save time during your morning beauty routine. Surprisingly, most of them can replace other cosmetics that you forgot to buy or ran out of. What are the secrets of your makeup products?

Waterproof mascara

You probably did not know that your mascara can work as an eyeliner and … hair dye. If you want to paint a line on your eyelid, just soak a small brush in the mascara. Next, paint the line along the lash line. Mascara also comes in useful for all those who have noticed first grey hair. Use the mascara brush to colour the hair to cover the signs of ageing.

Cheek blusher

The product replaces eyeshadow and reduces makeup time. Simply apply a bit of the blusher to the eyelid with a finger or brush. You can add some more blush in the outer corners of the eyes for definition.

Eyeshadow + Lipstick

Match eyeshadow to your lipstick for an ideal makeup. Obviously, the shades of cosmetic do not have to be identical. They can have warm or cold tones, contain shimmering pigments in the same shade or be similar to the colour of your eyes/ hair. Such makeup is great for school or work.

Citruses and fruit acids 

You are not aware of the power of citruses. It is not only the vitamins. Fruit contains substances that can largely improve the condition of your skin; they have strengthening, nourishing and brightening qualities. Lemons lighten skin on elbows and knees, post-acne spots and other dark imperfections. Apples have similar properties. Moreover, apples will help you treat acne. Strawberries remove tooth discolorations – smash them, mix with baking soda, apply to the lower and upper dental curve.


Do not use all eggs for preparing breakfast. Leave a few for skin and hair care. Surprised? It turns out that eggs can brighten shadows under the eyes, reduce swellings and condition the skin around the eyes. What is more, they stop sebum secretion and reduce shiny complexion. Eggs work great as hair conditioners. They will make your hairdo smooth, nourished and strong.