Winter doesn’t make us think just about snow, Christmas tree and gifts. On winter days, we try to hide our hairdos under warm hats and put on woollen scarves and sweaters. Too bad beanies make our hair static, oily and flat. Check which hairdos to wear with bobble hats and avoid the hat head.

Ponytail or Bun

One of the simplest hairdos to make. Just pull your hair back and use an elastic or pins. You must make sure that the pony or bun won’t create bumps under the hat. Gather your strands at the top of the head or just above the neck. A ponytail at the ear height looks amazing (ends stay freely outside the beanie). Let a few strands loose at both sides or on the forehead for a unique hairdo.

Classic or French Braid

The braid looks great on long or medium-length hair. It goes with a beret or a broad-rimmed hat. Make a classic, French, Danish or crown braid or two braids. If you want a bit messy look, leave a few strands and let them frame your face.

Waves & Curls

Your curls and waves won’t lose their volume or definition under the hat. Curl hair from mid-lengths with a flat iron; fix the hairdo with a spray or mousse. How to get stunning waves or curls? Heat the iron up and apply a heat protectant to dry strands. Divide them into sections, wrap each section around the straightener and twirl the iron by 360 degrees. Style the hair so it doesn’t fall on your face. How to create waves? Do the same but twirl the iron by 180 degrees. Spritz hair with a fixing spray.

Straight & Smooth Hair

The easiest hairstyle you can think of. Just brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Put on your favourite beanie or beret. Even ski goggles will look good. Just remember that straight hair needs special care. Take the best care of hair ends that get split and dry in winter. If your hair is very long, don’t hide it under the scarf or jacket. Let strands out and sweep the beanie over the forehead.